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  1. An old guy with a trans person stuck to his ear. Get it right.
  2. Djokovic would cry for a long time Although might have a chance in the doubles depending on who qualifies. He should get a special exemption to compete being a former Gold Medalist, or be in the top 4 Brits by the time the games entry list closes. Sadly Dominic Thiem has announced his retirement with this has last year on tour. An almighty player on his day. Very much in the Delpo mold of unlimited forehand power.
  3. Simon Murray has been excellent for Ross County. His tireless work ethic, his strength and his insane ability to make an utter nuisance of himself has been invaluable for County. If something was to happen to Dykes he would be a ready made replacement. I think he would be more of a Steve Clarke player than Shankland, but clearly Shankland is the better player. With 26 in the squad he might make it if he can keep scoring.
  4. Home to Aberdeen, then home to Motherwell, away to Livi, Home to Hibs and then away to Saintees would be ideal for our five. Hibs and Livi hopefully downed tools by that point.
  5. I think my favourite blink and you’ll miss it player (although he was there for a few years) was Franck Escalon, just oozed class. The thing about all Coopers teams was they were just built to attack, you just never knew what you were going to get. Well apart from when we played Caley and it was always going to be 3-0 with Iain Stewart scoring.
  6. Alex Burke scored against St Mirren, but joined St Mirren afterwards. So wasn’t an ex player scoring at that point. I’m sure there are more. Marcus Fraser and Yohan Arquin scored against us playing for you guys.
  7. I will have to give that a hard no, I was full on Tetris Effect mad playing that much chess. I did have two boards set up at home with each league game and in my lunch and break I would be practising moves. Plus putting all that practice in and still getting beat by you was disheartening
  8. Anyway for the appointment of Don there was no one really else to consider. Thought it would be Derek or Don last time, so there is only one choice now. A good opportunity for him and hope he does well. Understands the club and has attended matches since he was kid. Being ballboy at our record win against St Cuthbert Wanderers.
  9. Totally agree. To be technical we are all on the Autistic spectrum. To be diagnosed with ASD you have to test high in three different factors. Social interaction is only one of those. I have undergone autistic testing and scored highly in the systemisation and routine aspect, but low on the others. If we all took a test we will find that we all share traits associated with ASD, but at no point would anyone be close to being diagnosed with one factor. If anyone is interested in autism and finding out more can look up the work of Simon Baron-Cohen (cousin of Sasha).
  10. So you’re saying he wait until the end of the season before taking it?
  11. Quite possibly the worst appointment in Ross County’s history. Since that interview against Dundee it’s been an utter car crash. it started pretty well to be honest, the team looked remarkably more solid and cohesive. Then BOOM. He fucked it. In his last tenure there were issues with Grant Munro, Paul Lawson, Mikey Fraser, Sean Higgins etc but he just hasn’t changed at all. So what name will Roy pull out of his tombola now? His only other signature move is steal someone from Caley.
  12. That’s definitely the best use of a hand since Diego Maradona.
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