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  1. Had a pigs in blankets with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and gravy wrap from Jo's in Grangemouth and it was amazing. I'm going to the inlaws this year and my parents coming to mine on boxing day. Hopefully illness free on Christmas day as been ill for months now, cant wait
  2. If your tablet can run it go for the touch version
  3. Didn't Billy Mcdonald make an arse of a free kick that day, sure he passed it straight to an Ayr player and they went up the park and scored
  4. I havent phoned the doctors since the pandemic started but the last time I did phone which was Jan 2020 it took me over 300 attempts before I got through to be told there was no appointments. I ended up getting told to come to the surgery before 8 and I would hopefully get an appointment which I did, always feel like the receptionists can be quiet nippy as well, unless a body part is falling off I dont normally phone anyway.
  5. Its for the warehouse, need to go up to the depot for the interview, not sure if travelling from grangemouth to Newbridge is a great idea, but didn't have the option of a zoom interview.
  6. Well after 6 months unemployed I finally have an interview for Menzies on Thursday, really nervous as this is the first interview I will have had in about 20 years, not even sure what to wear. Anyhoo hope everyone is doing as good as they can and anyone who is needing a chat can PM me anytime.
  7. Funny you say that about Goram, my brother in law mentioned he got a Facebook message from him asking for money and I thought he was talking pish.
  8. Happy new years guys. Been a rough few days, wife has started to pack away some of her stuff from the house for her moving out and she's took one of the cats which was hers when we met and I broke down in tears when she left. I miss the cat already, and I feel stupid for getting so upset about a pet but I think with all the loss I've had recently this is just another thing to add to it. I was looking up some mental health numbers to phone and came across breathing space but haven't pluked up the courage to phone it yet. I've never been so low but I need to do something because all this crying is giving me such a sore head, I dont tell my parents how i am because I don't want them to stress or worry about me as they brought me up and should be enjoying life.
  9. Played about an hour of it, was waiting for my ps4 pro to take off, play with headphones so wasn't as loud but can imagine if you don't could be a slight distraction, im sure red dead 2 did the same thing to my console. First impressions is it looks amazing, im a big fan of Deus ex and can see myself really enjoying this as well.
  10. There really is some cracking people on this thanks for the kind words of advice guys.
  11. Been a really rough past few months. Lost my gran six weeks ago and my papa passed away last Monday. The wife and myself have split and im currently unemployed. Was taking my dad in and out of Larbert hospital as they found a shadow on his lung which fortunately Wasn't Cancer but he's to go back in 3 months as they don't want to drain the fluid in his lung at this point. I'm sleeping pretty much most of the day and sitting up most of the early hours of the morning and I cant shake myself out of it. I have my papas funeral on Friday and my wife who has moved out is coming to it as I had asked her to but not sure if its the right thing to do. I've had thoughts of ending it but I won't as I know I have family and friends who care about me but I just can't get the niggling thoughts out my head.
  12. Lost hours to that game as a kid, loved it.
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