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  1. Last night was the first I've seen us and whilst preseason results are irrelevant, I didn't really see as much positives as others seem to have. Moffat and Boyes looked decent and that's about it imo. Gillespie, Blues and Lyall in the central areas were the biggest weakness. Wilson surely starts when the real stuff comes around. It's all irrelevant if we are planning for Kirk Broadfoot to be anything other than 4th choice right enough. Waste of budget. Might as well write the season off if he's going to start games.
  2. Heard the same story about Arnott and if true he won't (rightly) be playing anywhere next season. Unless Getafe take him on loan.
  3. Muirhead to Livi confirmed. You'd think it'd be a massive blow losing your top scorer, but I'm struggling to care that he's gone if I'm honest. No other manager has ever got out of him what Dougie did. He stunk this place out for years before Dougie came and will likely stink the place out at Livi.
  4. And ever since Dougie started going on about other managers commenting on the way we play... we've started playing exactly like it. We were mixing it up beforehand. Right now it's one dimensional. Not watched any of the TV coverage but apparently he's said players were tired? If only we had guys like McGrattan Bearne and Garrity on the bench who should not be anywhere close to tired. If only we had 2 other CBs meaning we didn't have to rely on a garbage OAP playing tired. If only we had a left back who, whilst shit, should also not be tired as he's been back up til Strapp's recent injury.
  5. Pathetic, and the most animated Dougie got was when Bearne didn't fully commit to a challenge. He clearly holds certain players to different standards. O'Connor should be starting every game at CB. Waters can't complain about being dropped but Tyler French can't even play his own position never mind an unfamiliar one. Broadfoot is just a joke. Wilson shocking but we are used to that when is returning from injuries. Seems to take him longer than most to get back into his stride. Unfortunately we don't really have much time... Power think he's actually in a retirement league. Blues and Crawford might as well have stayed in the house tonight (and for the last few weeks). Quitongo getting man of the match was presumably a joke? Muirhead effort levels seemed to increase towards the end. The game started at 19:45, Robbie...
  6. Ali Crawford Kirk Broadfoot Dougie playing favourites again.
  7. Ryan lost a family member during the week unfortunately so maybe he's just had a mental lapse with his head not fully in the game. Agree he's been superb for us otherwise. I'd be surprised if he didn't end up at a higher level.
  8. If O'Connor was fully fit he should have started. If Strapp wasn't injured, he shouldn't have been taken off. Waters is rancid. If Robbie Muirhead wants to roll back the years then he can f**k off in the summer. Garrity has been our best player in the last 2 games and he's been a second half sub in both...
  9. Suggest you watch both back and try it with your eyes opened this time. We're a far better team without him.
  10. Broadfoot gifted Hearts their winner then had an absolute stinker at Firhill. Our best CB pairing is clearly O'Connor and Baird, proven over two seasons. Don't have a problem with Broadfoot generally but when the other 2 are fit and available he simply shouldn't be playing.
  11. O'Connor drops to the bench... Broadfoot stays in. Shambles. At least we've got gorgeous George back up top!
  12. Exactly what we deserved today. Gillespie, Power, Crawford and Blues on the park and Tyler fucking French was playing centre mid... Broadfoot useless at one end. Muirhead (Robbie) useless at the other. Garrity and Bearne were our best players. That sums it up.
  13. What in the name of f**k was Robbie Muirhead doing for their goal? Weak, half arsed, then throwing himself to the deck for no reason at all. Other than, a great performance from the team and we ran them closer than I expected us to. Hopefully we can carry that into the league and secure a playoff spot.
  14. Glad to see that the majority of fans did not turn on the team today in what was a very lacklustre performance. That's right up there with the very worst refereeing I've seen at any level of football. However, we could still be playing now and I don't think we'd be close to scoring a couple of goals anyway. Thankfully the other results haven't really gone against us, and despite today's result it's entirely possible that we go and get another unexpected win against Dundee Utd in our next game. We need both Mullen and Oakley back asap.
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