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  1. Its totally deflated and gathering dust completely out of sight, which I feel is a tribute in itself.
  2. My mate has bought the top scorers from the last 2 seasons, think he's planning some sort of wall of fame. I've got Frankie's from last season still hanging in the spare room awaiting a frame. Also got a full squad signed shirt that was won through a cinch competition and...get this....open to offers BTW....a ball signed by David Hopkin
  3. Aye I'm sure we were and there was a mixed reaction cos he was coming from Peterhead. Was the pre season we signed Dipo I think. Presumably went to Raith for geographical reasons
  4. That Scott Brown been superb yet if he was wearing Ayr colours today McLean would probably have had him sent off for his challenge after about 5 mins.
  5. Hadn't even realised it was a perfect hat trick, was on holiday for that one so did my best to pretend that game never existed. Nah he's a big physical guy thats hit double figures in a shite team (yes I'm aware we can't beat them) 2 seasons in a row. Can also score a free kick. It's a good signing for Livi IMO
  6. Coming down and signing proven Championship players. Mental decision. Should be checking some guy the same age with 17 clubs in the Rymans League who's had one good season instead and giving him a 2 year deal with accommodation paid for instead
  7. Contrary to popular opinion i'd take Oakley 100%. Proven to be above average at this level and by all accounts stepped it right up this season- similar to Dowds who it seems we might lose. If we start next season with the "new Dipo" and either of Bryden or McKenzie up front I think I'd greet
  8. I'm sure I've seen it before - does anyone have a screenshot of the table when Bullen was sacked? Need it to send to a pal who still insists it was a bad decision
  9. Sanders did a good job keeping Oakley quiet v Morton as well
  10. Along those lines, I was driving home from work yesterday and it dawned on me that we have a massive game on Saturday at an easily accessible away venue and that it hadn't even crossed my mind that I might go. Not even that I'd thought about going and decided against it for whatever reason, just that i hadn't even thought about it. That was quite a jarring realisation as normally I'd be planning weekends around games miles in advance.
  11. Inverness win Both to Score my bet of the day that I'd be delighted to lose in spectacular fashion.
  12. I quite like the idea of the commemorative coin for the new stand - it's daft but it's the sort of thing I'd like to imagine my grandkids or even beyond that looking at one day and looking up who in the family was an Ayr fan at that time - they're not gonna give a shit if the players that season came 9th or 7th or 1st or whatever. I've got a couple of similar things from the war era when my great grandpa played down south for Burnley / Bradford and always found them pretty cool.
  13. If you happen to have left it late to buy a ticket then aye haha. Had a few folk saying they couldn't get one so I'd offered to do it using my account but no joy.
  14. Horrendous penalty to concede. So stupid. We're all over them at that point too
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