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  1. Well we haven't just lost Millen's deliveries we've lost Connolly's threat cutting inside - no one overlapping means two opposing players up against him instead of one. 

    To be honest I'm not complaining about that because if the personnel situation was untenable, that's that. But we have lost a serious threat down the right and not really replaced it with anything. Long balls.

  2. If we're thinking about anything other than how to beat Ayr, we will not beat Ayr.

    I think this is quite a big test of the manager after what he did at the weekend. If we line up with something wacky then Ayr have enough to take advantage, as they showed on Friday when Airdrie had a fifteen minute wobble.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Heid_The_Baw said:

    This one is definitely on the manager.  

    It is. Putting Turner at 6 as the 'shield' in front of Brown was an absolute gift to United who could float it to Moult and even Watt all afternoon. 

    Honestly, for all the talk of United being rattled, they just kept it simple and kept their heads while we, especially the manager, beat ourselves with this eccentric (overthought?) starting XI. No hindsight required for that.

  4. On team selection for Saturday... The last United game came at a great time for us because we were on a terrible run of games that we would have been expected to win and didn't - they were favourites against us and the onus was on them to bring the game to us.  Rovers dealt with that well, the crowd got right onboard especially after the Hamilton slide.  I'm hoping we go out to be solid first and let United feel the pressure of needing the win.  Let Goodwin do the overthinking and wind his own supporters up, while we have a solid, hard to beat XI of our better players.  If we're still in it at 60 mins we should be feeling positive, their crowd will be on their backs and nervy.

    Hamilton looks better minute to minute in a game than Rudden but is also a fantastic sub to make at 60 or 65.  Probably not an easy call between starting him and Rudden in case the latter comes up with one of his moments.

    In reality a fit right back and then a fit Watson are bigger issues

  5. 10 hours ago, CYBERSHED said:

    I long for the walk up and pay at the gate days. But they are long gone.

    Is this because of over-regulation? Or just plain penny pinching by clubs that don't want the hassle of dealing with cash?


    7 hours ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

    Gone are the days of getting lifted over the turnstile, which also removes the odd person paying and the operator getting a matchday wage bonus.

    A bit of that, and also like any business clubs are aiming to increase their sales and customer base - knowing who is buying what, and getting contact details every time, means they can better market what they're selling. Clearly Rovers have had success out of this.

    And it's not like you can't take your phone out in the pub, pick the best seat remaining and head along?

  6. That record with Library Pictures and Moved Your Chair etc is pretty good. Tbh have nothing against them but there's an ocean of music out there and (they're) never the thing I want to seek out.

  7. On 14/03/2024 at 20:46, scottsdad said:

    I have tried, I really have. But I just cannot get into them.

    A few decent (and no more than that) songs.

    This is better anyway. Let her have her own things and just quietly enjoy that she's on a reasonable path!

  8. I don't even really like the station that much but there's no adverts so it ends up on all day. Should probably be on NTS or something but too lazy to sort that out.

    Years ago I'd have had Riley in here but the show got really stale and change was needed. In his defence I know he took less money in order to have no playlist obligations, and the playlist is always mince. The change wasn't good in the end, because that new music show is 99% mediocre and forgettable (even though I like the woman whose name just fell out of my head and Tom R is all right). There is possibly just not a daily programme's worth of stuff for this.

    5. Cerys Matthews- too much food and Bob Dylan for me but it is decent for the Sunday mornings when rough, the world stuff is generally good and she's not annoying. Anything about people or cultures is inevitably a bit political and she seems OK on that front

    4. G Peterson - hit rate is only about 60% for me but great knowledge and variety and definitely a welcome contrast to the weekday daytimes. Odd scheduling because it's up against jazz on radio 3 I think?

    3. Freak zone - Stuart Meconium is a real bore with Radcliffe at the weekends but I like this show, again good contrast to the daytime stuff and a decent hit rate of about 75% imo

    2. Huey - arguably the most embarrassing patter but the guy just absolutely kens. The disco stuff is good, the rap is good, the Latin stuff is good, and the guitar/alternative is sparingly used but he hugely kens there as well. 

    1. Jamz Supernova- somehow this show is the polar opposite of the new music show in that I've never heard any of it and nearly always like think it's good.

  9. If I'm a rovers player seeing a testimonial for *Lewis Vaughan* with a crowd in the hundreds, I'm thinking there is probably nothing I could ever do or overcome to have these fans fully onside. 

    Absolutely can't get my head around it.

    Surely with folk realising there's no game at the weekend sales will pick up.

  10. 4 hours ago, Craig fae the Vale said:

    Buddying my sister to the Donny Benet gig at Room 2 on Saturday night. Know very little of his music, but I'm sure I'll have a good time. 

    Anyone been to the venue that can tell me what it's like?

    Small, wide. Don't know what it holds but around half of the crowd are guaranteed a restricted view one way or another... Gender neutral toilets in theory but they're still in two locations set out like trad male and female - I saw a lot of folk look confused and embarrassed feeling they'd gone in the wrong one. Good in principle but needs better signs. The one on the right hand side has urinals!

  11. VAR should be kept BUT other than automated stuff (ball out of play / over goal line) each dugout should get three challenges to use to check *specific* offences (eg. Handball by no 3 in box, our no 9 held by no 4 in box, etc) like tennis. No speculative challenges, penalties of some kind for spurious claims. 

    No reason why Scotland can't lead the way in applying VAR sensibly.

    Instead of more opportunity to arrive at correct decisions, cynics might say the current method just gives more opportunities to produced preferred outcomes

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