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  1. 52 minutes ago, dysartrovers said:
    1 hour ago, Ro Sham Bo said:
    Was that the game under Nicholl in the 90s? Possibly against Airdrie in the 2nd promotion season?

    It think it was the Scottish cup quarter final game against them when we lost 4-1 in 94-95 season

    Yeah and it emerged the guy came from Glenboig or Glenbogle or something, which as it turns out when you locate it on a map is, approximately, Airdrie

  2. Can't really win though. If Sim pays for this or that, then if A) it's public, then we encourage big-man-dependency which is the ruin of any number of clubs, but if B) it's not announced, then those more cautiously minded will make negative assumptions about the club's liabilities.

    While we're so far from sustainability we are going to need 'investment' ie gifts on a scale that itself discourages the fanbase from taking responsibility for the eventual sustainability. 

  3. See if you read that Courier article again, it becomes more logical that no one has said anything yet. 

    It's inevitable that negative assumptions fill that void - so far by me as much as anyone and i am definitely winding that back somewhat - and this is just another consequence of the original mistake.  

    The televised game is likely to be awkward but I don't think there's any way around that now.

  4. Too much corroboration is starting to emerge of the remaining board's lack of contrition and lack of concern about who they've alienated. Something carefully presented could still persuade the majority of people who are looking for justification to get back to normal but it's going to take something very good to seem sincere after the time that's passed. At this point I don't think I can be convinced they aren't just laughing up their sleeves. 

  5. Football is only part of what a football club is, but that's less apparent to people who aren't interested in it most of the time. It might seem like 'football itself is going through a moral dilemma' or whatever, but that's only a byproduct. What's really happening is Raith Rovers deciding what kind of football club it wants to be.

    I don't think there will be any kind of change in what kind of person clubs will sign as players. The wider public hysteria logically always implies 'sponsors and customers should not stand for this - they should withhold their money' etc. This only has so much effect if you're a lower league, smaller budget club. I'm sure Goodwillies, Thomsons etc will always get another gig as long as they'll go to a low enough level for their ability to outweigh the outrage and its financial implications. Rovers were just the first club in a while daft enough to poke this with a stick and see.  If DGW was an even better player or even 5 years younger who knows what would be playing out now.


  6. It's a good kind of speculation anyway, because continuing silence only leaves us to assume that this  is the sentiment amongst them - better that it's very clear to them that this is what they're saying by saying nothing.  

    For a good few hundred fans, they'll be proved right - changing habits will be too hard.  But not everybody.



  7. I know folk all want to see everything settled and all the battle lines drawn or whatever, especially those on the outside just looking for a bit of entertainment or curiosity. However there was about 500 missing from a normal crowd - obviously reserving judgment especially about the manager's status until more is known about his views a) at the time and b) since there's been a heavy prompt to revise that view and (Jesus h, please) have arrived at a better understanding.

    Yes, the guy was statue material until very recently and it will be painful to have to accept he should go when the dust settles, if that turns out to be the case. 

    Silence from him is only leaving us to assume the worst and he probably has til about Monday tea time to avoid that.

  8. Anyone who's waiting for the Trust to do something needs to  join it for a start. Waiting for someone else to do something and just provide a club in your image is how every club ends up in bother. The Big Man comes along and, surprise surprise, they do something crap whether it's financial, moral, football-illiterate or cultural.  It's a few quid to have your say and what other route to collective ownership would there ever be?

  9. On a night like tonight, counting on a 'focal point' up front means reliably hitting one guy in a randomising wind.

    We can moan about a back 5 but dick practically collided with their post a number of times and tumilty was a major presence in the opposing half and beat their last man to the ball to run into the box and put us ahead. 

    We're all rationalising frustrations bit I wouldn't be turning the playing style upside down based on what we saw in brutal conditions

  10. I thought in his post match JmcG came over like he was protecting Wright a bit, Killie weren't very good but they were probably still a bit a unlucky too and as a guy who's been sacked himself he maybe had a whiff of Wright getting the boot after the result.  No doubt after seeing the pen decision back and knowing what Wright's patter's been like post-match he's maybe felt like dialling that back a wee bit after all.

    I hadn't been in a long while and I'd forgotten what a buzz it is after a result like that, with a proper decent group and a united front like we have just now.  Wanted to go back again today.

    Defending our box that much and keeping that much possession in the back third there's always going to be a lapse eventually - nothing costly today and it's a great one to win against rivals at the top.  We'll probably lose a game or that we're more dominant in than we were here, and the possession at the back will cost a goal or two, but I wouldn't change it.  Just got to recognise when QOS or whoever inevitably mug us that we've had days like this as well, and on balance thing are good.

    Rarely seen a player happier than Tumilty when Whigfield came on



  11. >>>It is fine margins in the Championship according to Alan Johnston.


    To be fair John McGlynn said the same in the Ayr post-match.  They're both right in a sense, although we've been in a few very good positions in games that turned into hanging on.  You can consistently be on one side of a fine margin, which both these teams probably have done.  5-2 Rovers

  12. 21 hours ago, foreverarover said:

    I think we should be as fans looking into shifting the money put into the fans trust and buildup a substantial pot with an attempt to buy a decent shareholding. It may attract more people to contribute with this type of idea. Try a mini hearts or Morton

    The time for that was during the lockdown period when the fans' money was needed to keep the club afloat.  A lot was put in during that time and I think the Trust decided it would be poor form to demand anything in return - I probably disagree but it's gone now.  To remove a fans' director after that mass contribution would be really shameful though.

  13. Always seemed like the emptiest, most vacant pish to me, and that unlikeable singer had nothing between the ears.  @Bert Raccoon usually seems like a kenner though, what have I missed?   I did think that Underdog (?) tune that lifts the drums from Scenario seemed fine other than the vox

    Fair play for distancing themselves from domestic abuser though and setting a bit of an example


  14. There are obviously dozens of pundits you hear regularly and the variety is massive.  Crichton can definitely give decent insight into what she's seen happen but doesn't usually seem to know the players thoroughly.  I heard OAM on Saturday as well and they had just gone to her for an update when the goal happened in front of her - I thought she probably had her mind on getting through that (and looking at notes) rather than spotting that the striker had just crossed from a deep position to the left back at the far post.  TBH I don't think doing Open All Mic is that easy.

    On Armstrong at the Rovers, he was definitely good for us and I came to think his attitude/application were a lot better than I had presumed.  He carries himself a certain way maybe, but I think he was a pro and mucked in consistently.  Put good shifts in e.g. covering left back, or better still covering left back as a sub when he'd been left out for Kennedy.  Nobody hits a perfect corner every time - it's hard to put it in the same area, with pace and bend etc, time and again.  Fair play if you can.


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