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  1. Bet365 is very user friendly tbf although I grudge saying anything good about any of them.  McBookie's website isn't great but it's better than Sky.  Both of them have bet builder as mentioned... 365 been offering a lot of free fivers lately even though by and large i've been winning.

    Clincher for me is that 365 offer ht-ft correct score which I like as a bit of a lottery ticket.  McBookie lets you deposit less than a fiver which can be good if you've spent your allowance already or whatever.  And they often have a healthy signup.  Either of them imo.

  2. Putting the value (for us) in the Tait transfer aside:  if Hibs are lending him back to us it's because they know he is still developing.  What they want in January is the player they expect him to be in January.  If he didn't show the same hunger until then, he will fall short when he gets there.  He knows this, the clubs and their managers know this.  Not concerned about that side of it.  

  3. I was going to be too lazy to read the article until it occurred to me: I bet the lawyer is taking it on for publicity.  Yes he is.

    He's obviously been cashing in on it but I think it'll be quite easy to paint that as having been a coping strategy, or merely playing the hand he's been unfairly dealt.  Not necessarily true but an unscrupulous lawyer could probably convince him of it.


  4. Musonda would have the attributes for playing base of a diamond and Vaughan would be fine at the front, but there's already one problem there and then you still need two guys with legs in between. 

    Legit to scoff at Barry playing Vaughan so far back when he didn't need to, but if he has to play in midfield in a crisis it's probably ok very occasionally.

    We're short whatever way you spin it

  5. 7 hours ago, Rovers_Lad said:

    Much like theres nothing on website regards walk up prices for our league games.Pretty sure at this late stage  they,re not still thinking of what price to pitch it at



    There's a lot of stuff not happening just now:  not emailing season ticket holders to offer them a renewal, not inviting player sponsors to renew, no travel info, no prices and no indication of whether/when it's coming; no food and drink even though other clubs are managing.  I know it's funny times, folk might be isolating or ill, and we'll have deliberately lean staffing.  Or maybe the club's just got too many fans and too much money, and just don't want any more! 

  6. It can seem reasonable to let players bet on games or competitions they're not involved in, but insider trading can't be allowed to happen if it can be avoided.  I can't see any other protection against this than just banning all football betting by players or club/association staff (or sponsors, even).  

    If you look at horse racing which only exists for the purpose of betting, is bankrolled by bookies, other sports need to take every action to avoid the market 'maturing' into that dynamic.

    Side note, we've all read folk like Le Tissier laughing about spot fixing first throw ins and whatever, thinking it's harmless in the context of a 90 mins match.  But to a mid table team in a 38 game season, isn't one game just as expendable? 



  7. I've never been involved with any club but like anyone into football you know someone who knows someone at the very least.  I have heard of some well known names indulging.

    But on the principle of the rules:  I support it and it doesn't go far enough.  I know you've got your preference, your belief, already and I'm unlikely to change it.  But rules on this subject are necessary for the integrity of the game.  Why?  There are loads of reasons.

    Post Bosman, players stay with single clubs for far shorter spells, on average.  It's not uncommon for a player to have one season at a club, move to another, repeat and repeat.  In time he probably stays with one agent upon whom he relies for the next contract getting sorted.  Players having more dependence and therefore loyalty to an agent than to their club can create some unhealthy situations.  Agent can influence several players in one game; agent may 'represent' both goalies in one game; liquidity on one game can far exceed the wages, prizes, etc for said game; agents can be and are 'professional' gamblers.

    Gambling is addictive.  Some people get into debts they can't cope with, and owe people you don't want to owe.  Players are human.

    Yeah the good old days, common sense, etc etc, but you have to protect the sport as well.





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