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  1. I can't see myself being in the market for a full price football shirt anytime soon, until/unless the bairn starts wanting them at some point - ideally the club ends up with the thing that generates the most available revenue/buzz and I don't mind what it looks like as long as it doesn't make us look like, ken, thunderbird ones.

  2. Season tickets weren't as good value as usual last year, that's fair - but at least they were a tangible product for your money.  Tens of thousands were given in literal donations though, with a lot less in return than a season ticket (or a home shirt, or a mouse mat, or a lotto ticket, or any of the other things we buy to support the club).  I think we often expect a bit too much from clubs in this respect.   If you're buying something, you get the thing - huge amounts were donated 'to keep the club going' so if there are 'thank you' gestures getting dished out it would be strange to channel it all into season ticket prices.

  3. The Hanson Brothers (not Hanson) played Ramones-imitating music with songs exclusively about ice hockey (they are Canadian) and I often get the notion for doing a Scottish football equivalent - always feels like a good idea after 3-4 fast beers but not really at any other time.

    Stark's Park for years meant the same tunes in the same order before a game, so there are football songs for me but not bands.  Livin on a Prayer, Alive and Kicking, and that 'modern' one that I think is Ikona Pop?  Rockin All Over the World after a win.

     Maybe Deacon Blue because of Scotland games.  


  4. 3 minutes ago, Jamie_M said:

    Ugwu. Discuss?

    Big, strong, slow.  Can appear neat and tidy technically, but also kind of not.  A funny one.  
    Scored a backheel at Tynecastle and a big hit in the playoffs v Dunfermline - fondly remembered obviously - but not a lot of threat about him.
    Signature move is to have it played up to him, get it under control/hold it up in the channel, then lay it off to the wide player before absolutely not getting into the box where he would be your obvious big target.  Drove me mad.  He would seem to just stand off and admire what he'd done instead of show any kind of centre forward instinct.  

  5. 16 minutes ago, stevoraith said:

    If Shane Sutherland had been the one that got Davo sent off we wouldn’t be having this conversation which is a really sad state of affairs.

    Maybe I’m just naive and think we should be able to live in a world where there is no discrimination at all and you should be able to call a c*nt a c*nt without giving thought to what variety of c*nt he is and whether that has an influence on whether it’s ok to call him a c*nt or not.

    The problem is that our player called him a specific variety of c*nt, on grounds that aren't fair game and frankly could have brought a lot of shame (and a range of costs) on the club.  The fans have now to live with the way behaviour towards him is understood in that context.  What kind of folk are we?

  6. 16 hours ago, Stellaboz said:
    On 12/06/2021 at 16:32, L. Brilliant said:
    To go so far back might give the false impression nothing good is happening now, and will look weird being prior to our more famous heights. But Craig Brewster 1992-1993 for me. 

    That's incredible as ten years later, he's a credible shout for ours too.

    There might be Ionikos fans out there saying the same!


  7. Here it is then.  No doubt more threads will pop up on specific markets or games, but here's one for general betting on the Euros hings.

    Not seeing much value in outrights but McBookie's 11/1 for no Scotland goalscorer looks a bit long.  Availed of that as insurance.

    Any other value spotted?

    Any decent offers?



  8. Only speaking for myself here but I feel like yesterday was a bit of a final for our season: the difference between a really good one and a slightly disappointing end came down to 45 mins. Totally buoyant now though. 

    The Dundee games are well worth turning up for and not making a good fist of it would be a shame, but we definitely have 'good season' in the bank now. It's not a 'free hit' and there should still be an expectation to be competitive, but we can go into with only 'good' pressure, unlike the opposition.

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