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  1. Rubbernecking your next crash? Livvy with their 22 man squad including all sort of undesireables plus the narco-coach. Can you blame us? Hilarious stuff regardless of Livvy either romping the league, bottling it, folding or being exposed as a money laundering front. And your clueless neandrathal puppet manager too. Keep supplying the laughs Livvy, it's gonna be fun viewing.
  2. "Too many clubs"? So start with your own bitch! David Murray used that patter often enough...
  3. Good luck with dizzy and dosey in defence. They played every minute of every game last season which cant be underestimated, they'll deal with high balls all day but can get tied up in knots.
  4. Is he a top bloke? Does anyone think he will do well for Ayr, and can you rely on him when the going gets tough?
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