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  1. Hope the weather is a bit better but no matter as long as we win,I’m in the North Stand so hope we don’t give the scum much to sing about.
  2. Absolutely delighted as I’ve just been told there’s a ticket for me from an old friend,was planning to watch it in the boozer,be a hard game but great to do the Double
  3. Champions again and so easy,let’s hope we can go on and win the Scottish cup now
  4. Great to turn them over was a bit nervy at the end but it’s done now and hope we can take the first half performance into the next 3 games
  5. Done the diets easily yesterday and cudny ask for a better game agst Sevco wae a full house roaring you on to win the league
  6. Good result yesterday and the Paris buns done the business as well,won’t be easy but cudny ask for better wae a full house of **** cheering them on
  7. I’m born and bred in the Gorbals and have followed Celtic all my life,glory seeker my arse
  8. We just have to keep on winning whether it’s ugly or not and be great to beat the diets,I stay in Dalkeith in Midlothian so I’ll be leaving in a bus to go to Celtic park and I’d imagine they’ll more or less sell their allocation despise them nearly as much as the cream buns,I’ll take 1-0 as long as we win
  9. Very good result for the Rose agst the Champions and should help them stay up hopefully
  10. Made hard work of it the day but we’ll take the points and move on,just keep winning and the double is ours
  11. Looks like a lovely day,hope the Rose win as they need the points,we’ll done to Stenny though
  12. Hearing all the hospitality tickets are sold out as well,£520 a whip as a few of my mates got them,looks like I’ll be watching it on the telly,I might go thru tae Glesga and watch it in Gracie’s or another Celtic boozer
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