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  1. Mullin is on the bench, they did an extra tweet about him. Hanlon was back in training this week so guessing they're just being careful with him. Which I'm fine with, especially when you think back to us taking a risk with Watson in the first Airdrie game last season when he got the first of his many injuries with us.
  2. We look a lot more dangerous from set pieces than we did last year. Did Fordyce not do set pieces for Airdrie last season? Wonder if he’s doing the same for us now.
  3. Definitely feels more like a preseason game rather than a competitive fixture. Wouldn’t surprise me if Fordyce has had more touches of the ball than any other player. He’s constantly looking for it and looks so comfortable on the ball.
  4. Is the strip getting revealed tonight now, based on what they just put on Insta?
  5. The kit launch event last night was good, I turned up expecting there'd be about 20 people or something but the place was packed. Sure they said we're now up to over 500 people in Club1883. I'm sure there'll be a number of those will cancel after the third strip comes out, but that's still a healthy number. Never tried any of the BBQ food in the end, but somebody at my table came back with a burger and it looked about the size of my head.
  6. The top does look a lot better in person I felt, when they did the reveal video I was thinking wtf is that. But then the players came in wearing it and it didn't look as bad. But we do seem to have a habit now of taking a decent top and then doing something mental with the pattern on the shoulders and then sticking a weird as f**k collar on it. Still bought it though.
  7. Been a while since I watched on a pixellot stream, forgot how mental the camera goes during the warmups when there's multiple balls on the pitch and it has no idea which one it's meant to be following.
  8. For those who were waiting on the response to the kit launch. Seen there was an email with the itinerary came through this morning. Assuming if we’ve got that then we’re on the list so I’ll be heading along for some of the BBQ food and the new top.
  9. Nothing so far, hoping something comes through before Thursday as I don't fancy battling my way through the non stop roadworks in Dunfermline to get to Kdy just to get told I can't get in.
  10. What you’d expect from the first preseason game after only a week of training. Missing a wee bit of sharpness and the new players getting used to how we play. Like others have said, Hanlon and Stevenson look a level above everybody else, which you’d kinda expect. And no disrespect to Keith Watson, but when you watch Hanlon, Stevenson and Fordyce run, none of them look like they’re about to fall apart which was unfortunately what Watson looked like.
  11. They do seem to have updated everybody else though, no Corr, McGill, etc. So possible that Watson is still technically under contract for a couple more days?
  12. I’ve just been trying to figure out how to unsubscribe today after their email about Ross County leisure wear. No thanks.
  13. Looks like it's a signing incoming, Rovers just posted a weather update. i would link it, but I don't know how to do that stuff.
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