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  1. Sad news from neilston today the legend Nairn passed away today this guy was a widely known across the junior game with his quotes and sayings true legend in the village Rest easy big man toes facing it
  2. Neilston fc sign young rising talent Kieran brophy who was at Morton also had loan spell at Largs last season a lot of “bigger” clubs tried to get his services delighted he choose the farmer boys
  3. Does any one know what the final score was lol certain ppl on here didn’t help Darvel. Case but f**k me light major witch hunt against them a lot of guys should be concentrating on there own club issues making sure there. Own club are ready for restart when ever that may be if Darvel did break any laws or rules I’m sure if substantial evidence provided the big wigs at the top of the sfa and wosl will deal with it ps a personally Dnt think at our level we will see a game b4 Santa comes
  4. Everyone talking about Darvel and not even mentioning st cadocs spendings and signings never even gd a team close to the level think oldest team they had was round about u16 - u18 but now they are splashing mega money lol Wilson on £200 tax free a week is unbelievable for any team never mind a brand new team
  5. Good things at neilston on and off the field over past few seasons ... looking forward to the new normal when ever that may be
  6. And just so you know there’s no 1st team with a developement team as yet as none hv been confirmed ... may hav applied yes but hv to be accepted
  7. As I stated in previous comments there were teams around this age group that will hv move Across and bee re named as development ... and cadocs neva had a team at this age group so they were looking to create one but it’s not your corncerned as you Dnt get involved in other clubs bissness
  8. A answered your question in previous post no deflection you seem to avoid a lot ... are you in involved at cadocs cos you’ve you stated you Dnt get involved How clubs operate ? So why such interest ?
  9. A think You struggle to read .. a used rossvales example of there older age groups which players then went on to play for the 1st team ? As that was example of there development team in its old purpose il then went into ask if teams at youth levels pay fees do player pay to play out own pockets ? It’s just a general question ? you’ve now said you don’t “drive” into other teams finances and Huw they operate but getting involved in this discussing so your getting involved
  10. Your clutching at straws here mate totally twisting it teams already hv these age groups in place prob at 19s level and basically just transferring across to new set up ... I’ll use example of team like rossvale they had teams at various levels at older age group who were basically there development team who they hope to pick up future stars from do players at 19s 21s level pay fees ? Or pay to play Cover costs etc ? Asking for a friend
  11. And a stick by my statement as it’s true .... I see now it’s a negative towards a team and not youth football now ? doesn’t matter if the team have been going for 10 years or 10months. It’s principle and respect for other clubs and should not happen. Why would I be jealous of a team in the senior leagues with a development team ? Is that not the. Norm at the moment ?
  12. Your first point there doesn’t even make sense ? Read it back you yourself you tell me ? Thought no one was getting poached etc ?
  13. Are you for real the better the development squad the better rewards for the 1st team in future years .... and to hv them at your doorstep is always a bonus
  14. The fact that the club named above is a youth academy and trying to take another clubs full development set up. With incentives added is a poor ... you stated a was negative towards youth football where was this ? this is senior football nothing to do with the syfa and clubs hv officers to deal with ppl of certain age
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