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  1. There was a guy calling himself Sanka that used to write in a Jamaican accent on the east of Scotland thread, was quite amusing to read his posts. It was quite clever.
  2. Been told this is in the running for Christmas present. Death is incoming..
  3. Haddock should be the rightful winner. (Cod can stay in the fuckin sea)
  4. If it had been Aniston, I would still be trying the kiss of life…
  5. Mickey Mouse decision.. Fury should give Wallin a rematch long before he gets a Usyk challenge.
  6. Opening Ceremony. Rap music, the C is silent…
  7. Bakole the Beast. Thought the ref could have come in a few punches sooner.
  8. She is walking with her back legs like they are on tip toes. Sadly she has no control over her back end. Luckily she has no diarrhoea so the clean up is quite easy.
  9. My favourite wee psychotic Pug has developed Degenerative Myelopathy.
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