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  1. Ponytailists are really between a rock and a hard place. Wear it down, you get accused of looking like a caveman having a midlife crisis, tie it back, you are derided as worse than being a baldie. FWIW, I do not have a ponytail, but I'm sensing major baldie bitterness in this thread toward men who still actually have their own hair.
  2. Was this the infamous "eat yer cereal" wifey from the Better Together campaign? Same level of awareness by the sound of it.
  3. Unfortunately, the worst of the Tory ubercunts, Braverman, Patel, Badenoch, are all entrenched in seats which have rock-solid majorities even the worst predicted Tory slaughter is unlikely to overturn, so in all likelihood, post July 4th you'll be seeing even more of the fuckers as they vie for leadership of the new, leaner, even more right-wing Cuntservative Party.
  4. Randomly stumbled across some match footage from about 5 years ago on Youtube, thought to myself "who the hell is that in our goal?", then I remembered.... *shudder*
  5. Swept at home by the Rockies, promptly win 3 of 4 on the road in Atlanta. Padres doing Padres things. Currently have the best record in the NL v's .500+ teams, yet barely clinging to a WC
  6. He's a middling Championship level version of Ross Callachan, nowhere near being a Premiership player.
  7. Thank f**k. Thought we were going to get punted to Munich to play the Panthers. As if the Chargers travel itinerary isn't crazy enough already.
  8. Yes, and they are one of the franchises that happily drafts players who already have serious character question marks coming out of college, so I don't think they give a toss about player personalities provided they can help win football games.
  9. Chargers ruin my life every bloody September-December, then in the Spring and Summer I watch this god damned Padres team. Win 4 straight series including going toe-to-toe with the Dodgers and coming out on top, then the Rockies roll into town and the Pads promptly turn into a Beer League outfit and shit out back-to-back clunkers. Same story every single season. Manny Machado absolutely reeks of "got paid and quit". Boos ringing out around Petco, and absolutely justified. There is no excuse for playing this flat and disinterested against one of the worst teams in MLB, and it's not just a one-off bad game because it happens for multiple nights in a row, and practically every time the Pads play a garbage team.
  10. Bold, putting a 7-10 team on opening week MNF
  11. Tbf, Quinoa is pretty woke. Nowt wrong with a corned beef and onion sandwich, or tongue and pickle if you are after something exotic.
  12. We were genuinely poor today. Wasn't like we were just strolling around at half-pace or anything, but Hearts never got out of 1st gear and easily rubbered us. We created nothing, looked shambolic at the back, and after every goal there was no shouting or pointing, and the ball was back on the centre spot within seconds. Just going through the motions and doing bare minimum really.
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