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  1. Because Bazball is all about switching off your brain and slogging regardless of circumstance.
  2. He's still at it. Tried to square go a load of Utd fans who were giving the players pelters after an abject performance v Spartans (iirc) in the League Cup group stage earlier this season.
  3. Dave Bowman - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_2/967727.stm https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Football%3A+BOWMAN+QUIT+THREAT+AFTER+17-MATCH+BAN.-a078760583 4 reds in one match, then topped that with 5.
  4. That wicket looks like an absolute road, he refuses to wear a helmet, and they didn't once test him with a half-tracker. Shocking.
  5. Right in the middle of Euro 2024 Tinpot
  6. Last Epoch full release into 1.0 later today. Highly recommend it to any ARPG fan who is fed up with Diablo, PoE, Grim Dawn etc
  7. There was the odd game in a Dundee shirt where he looked motivated, and his physical stature gave defenders a really tough time, but I'm being very generous using "odd game" because it was literally a couple of performances here and there in among a pile of absolute shite. Yet another footballer who could have achieved a lot more with his career if he had simply made more of an effort.
  8. I had completely forgotten about Marcus Haber. Thanks.
  9. Maros Klimpl, Dragutin Ristic (moustache, and played for 22 different clubs across his career), Ivano Bonetti. The latter not so much to do with the whole farcical management spell/Administration, but just because of the fact that he was one of the most cynical players I've ever seen in dark blue. I think he had more professional fouls than actual fouls and/or tackles in the few games he played for us, and it was great to see someone just unapologetically haul down an opponent who had beaten him for pace, then have the courtesy to walk toward the referee to take his booking rather than trying to slink off and hide.
  10. Och well. Gladly take the 3 points, and a decent set of results across the league for us today. Still a bit concerned that we seem to be able to give as good as we get until we get a lead, then it's one-way traffic in the wrong direction for large spells. It's been a season-long theme, though we got away with it today thanks to that second goal a wee bit against the run of play. 16 clear of bottom, 13 clear of 11th, 8 games until the split. Time to stop fretting about going down and think about bagging 6th yet?
  11. He really has. Missing fouls left and right, and giving FK's and dishing out yellows for absolutely no reason.
  12. FFS. Dodgson on his own, on his feet, with the baw in the box, and he actually blows for the FK.
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