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  1. I got in immediately and was offered those same seats. Turned them down in record time. Was like 400 for you to touch the roof as well, mental.
  2. A proper nothing segment that Wee bit embarrassing
  3. Samantha fucking loves it fair play. Superb
  4. Very happy with that match. Bring on the main
  5. Could not stop laughing during that sponsored watch your back match. Fair play
  6. Yeah you're right that finish was a bit of an oooof after what was quite a decent match.
  7. I don't even watch wrestling and I know the Reigns stuff has gone on far too long
  8. Just give me 15 mins of them all doing the greatest hits for nearfalls until Roman spears AJ in half.
  9. First 40 mins of that was miserable but then business really picked up, as it should.
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