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  1. I get the impression Tait wouldn’t miss any trip to Ibiza
  2. I suspect that Jordan Allan’s future will depend on where Ian McCall ends up. Allan got 8 goals and 1 assist since signing for a Clyde at the end of January, he obviously has quality but just doesn’t suit our tactics
  3. First one was a penalty due to Bisland panicking and pushing the Annan player. Second penalty is an absolute mystery, watched 3 replays and still no idea. 3rd goal is just dreadful from Bisland. Another game ticked off but we should’ve had that wrapped up
  4. The ref is Duncan Williams, his stats suggest he loves a card, his personal best this season is 10 yellows and 1 red in the same game
  5. Should have scored at least 3 or 4, Morrison has been really selfish but that’s why he’s scored so many this season. Goss is a handful but is being given fouls for nothing. The time wasting from Annan restarts is wild, started in the 6th minute
  6. I’m convinced some folk are happier to moan in that stand, does my head in. MacIver was getting pelters today from a continual whinger sitting near to me. Ross ran himself into the ground and has been one of our most important players but still not good enough for this guy. I thought it was an excellent display of work rate and application from us today. Donaldson’s red card was unfortunate, raised his foot to a high ball and was then met with an onrushing Bavidge and caught him in the chest. Modern day it’s a red card despite their being any real intent to cause harm. The sound of the impact and collective wince from the crowd was enough to convince the ref it was a red
  7. I think I’m going to be in the minority here but Lang’s volley at Annan for me. Calvin Miller for the importance of his goal at Hamilton would be my second pick We’ve scored some absolute screamers this year
  8. 22 points clear at the top Title won in March Undefeated with 3 games left 89 league goals scored Chance of scoring 100 league goals 21 league goals conceded What a season
  9. Hamilton don’t seem to have much of a relationship with the truth this season
  10. Nesbitt was different class today, would’ve been my man of the match. Also thought Donaldson and Mackie were great, Mackie’s ability to cover the ground quickly really helped stop any counter attacks
  11. I went for Lang, has led by example all season and helped others around him play better. On another day I could make a case for any of Lang, Morrison, Donaldson and Spencer, I think all of them have been terrific this season
  12. It was noticeable that Cove’s pitch seemed pretty hard compared to others. Ball bouncing bigger than expected. The pitch seemed quite bare and the ball didn’t seem to slow on it.
  13. Majority of them are boys from Denny and Dunipace
  14. I was the same, my first season of going every week and didn’t realise how special it was! Now 33 years later and my son is the same age and now absolutely hooked, it’s been brilliant to share the same emotions with him
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