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  1. Fantastic interview, really excited about the new season now. COYB
  2. He seemed a nice enough guy but I didn't shed a tear when he left. Good luck to him tonight though. It was a big moment for FFC to get the right person in and I'm still not sure if we have. That said, you can't argue with where we are and what we have done so far this season. The board do need to bloody back him though. This league will ruin us if we don't get out of it soon. A win tomorrow and I actually think we could continue this momentus run for some time.
  3. I always thought it was 2. Ah well. Yeah Finnigan scored from out at the shed touch line.
  4. Iorfa scored 2 on his debut so I'd take that on Saturday from big Jessy.
  5. Good to see the U20s getting some more positive results the last 3/4 weeks too. Seems to have coincided with the 1st teams change in attitude/performance also.
  6. The fact we haven't even seen McCracken in the U20s yet (as 1 if the allowable over age players) I'd be surprised if he's in the squad on Saturday. Unless he has played in bounce games.
  7. According to the Herald, another Centre Midfielder is still on the agenda to be signed before the Saturday night deadline. Mark Millar on loan please.
  8. Club have done a superb job on the pitch and it's add on features.
  9. All we are missing now is an East side. Would love a small covered terrace to be honest. Pipe dream though.....
  10. Ive heard the Mark Millar rumour and would love it to be honest, especially before Tuesday v that lot. Only striker rumour doing the rounds, a couple of weeks back, was a loan deal for a Norwich forward.
  11. I think it will be a player from Norwich on loan
  12. The last one was very good and if anything, the speakers at this one are even better. Park Hotel put a good spread on and the setup was perfect for the event. Looking forward to this one.
  13. As someone said elsewhere it depends on how you look at the army and what they do. For me they protect the country both at home and overseas and if they didn't sign up to do it then we would ALL have to take a turn. Now I don't know about anyone else but I quite like my safe job that pretty much ensures (accidents aside) that I'll be home to see my family each night. With that in mind, I think the country should help out the troops both serving and retired with benefits. If that includes watching the boys in blue then fair enough. Hope the initiative works well and is taken up most weeks.
  14. Totally agree regarding the schools. May be something the new marketing guy will do once they start back after summer.
  15. I see from the SNS pics website that the club are going to be doing "Tickets for Troops" from now on. Good positive news story which I assume will be launched shortly. Well done FFC. http://www.snspix.com/13_08_13_falkirk_photocall/photo/100731.html
  16. I've spoken to a couple of pros and they hate Ochilview, say its one of the worst. Airdrie gets good feedback though. Your right in that we are guinea pigs in the UK but this pitch is being used successfully in a couple of the top Dutch stadiums so should be ok.
  17. We miss the width Kingsley gives us at LB. If the rumour is true and an experienced CH is coming in this week we can go back to him and Duffie getting forward on the wings.
  18. In the current climate we can't afford to have someone missing 2/3 of the season, as DW did. Good finisher with pace but no use at home or in the stand.
  19. I'd rather no music after a goal however out of that list, Seven Nation Army. Amarillo could and should be used as Pre/post match and SNA after a goal. It's upbeat and let's the young guys at least get some sort of noise going after a goal with that "Navy Blue Army" chant.
  20. Found this picture on the Heralds website. Seems to have been taken yesterday.
  21. New pitch coming along nicely, ready for the handover to FFC on Monday. Liking the navy turf around the pitch
  22. Can't see McNamara doing us any favours. Although with Pressley away you never know.
  23. I think all U20s game are open to the public but not sure of costs. I would assume nominal.
  24. Isn't working on mobiles at all but fine on the laptop.
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