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  1. Got you . Yeah, some effort by everyone so far.
  2. Yeah, it’s brilliant news isn’t it . My response was in relation to getting over the record of 3,900 sold.
  3. Agreed. The speaker volume is too loud too I think.
  4. Doable if/when we get into the Prem imho.
  5. Welcome news about the Scottish sides only & the increase in prize money but to still have the B teams is still poor imho. £1500 facility fee for teams on tv is a p*** take too, yeah that will make up for the lost gate/hospitality income . Away clubs don’t need the compensation of £1500 too .
  6. Really, really sad news. Gordon was a lovely guy & always took time to chat when I met him. RIP mate
  7. Sharing for a very worthwhile cause close to John & I’s hearts ——————————— It’s happening! Our podcast sponsors Falkirk FFIT T8’s threw down the gauntlet & challenged us to a match, so next Sat 1st June, we’ll take them on in aide of Lymphoma Action Support UK Our side will include myself & John obviously, a group of volunteer listeners PLUS some special guests…. Falkirk Daft side will include: @gradowrestling @stephen_purdon & ex Bairn Liam Craig PLUS a number of well kent faces from Falkirk Football Club including CEO Jamie Swinney Co-Managers will be @EwenDCameron & Chris Toal Donate https://www.justgiving.com/page/john-mcinally-1716154414992
  8. Which means you’ve snapped the players wearing the home kit already?
  9. Saints have millions in the bank. Would prefer Raith to stay down
  10. Great afternoon yesterday at the Leapark for the annual Bairns Business Club sportsman’s lunch. 144 in attendance (highest number attending since it launched) and £10k raised on the day for the football club.
  11. Out of curiosity mate, do Greaves have our stuff on display/for sale in the shop too or are we just online for them?
  12. I’m sure Jamie Swinney said in a couple of weeks time.
  13. I would assume increases across the board in line with promotion.
  14. Think it looks ok tbh. Will meet their corporate need aswell as adding to their seated capacity a little whilst keeping terracing. Will away fans still get access to the terrace along the wing to the left of the fence do we know?
  15. Let out on the Monday though mate yeah?
  16. Laura is on annual leave just now. Joanne is very helpful in her absence though. joanne.houghton@falkirkfc.co.uk
  17. Apart from the 2 x 0-0s, I can’t think of any other league game missing?
  18. 10 days ago at the FD Live event at Behind The Wall, our intro to the evening was shown to the 200+ in attendance. It’s now been updated to include the Alloa match & we’d like to share with you all. Enjoy.
  19. The good news for us is that the bulk of our starting X1/Squad last year have played & performed at a higher level. Lang, Henderson, Donaldson, Spencer, Nesbitt, MacIver, Oliver, Mackie, Miller & McKenna have all graced the championship or above.
  20. Have it on DVD rather than video & pop it on from time to time
  21. If you are looking for something to do (re-watching the highlights is a definite starter though), then we’ve just popped out on our socials as a reminder that… 2023/24 had a few “Falkirk Daft meets..” as well as some special guests on our regular podcasts… John McGlynn & Paul Smith Chris “Bigtime” McGill FFC Directors Will Vaulks ️ Tam McManus Sammy McGivern Lauren Shaw Tony Begg Find them all at falkirkdaft.co.uk
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