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  1. Absolutely And the one about saving Dodds & Higgins lives too
  2. If you still can’t get through, email Joanne who is on the ball with retail - joanne.houghton@falkirkfc.co.uk
  3. OUT NOW FALKIRK DAFT MEETS… TAM MCMANUS @ProducerMac & @RossWayne chat over @The_Tman10’s 2 spells at FFC Latapy’s genius Crossing the divide & the relegation PARty Pressley support One F fans forum Facing Beckham & A night out with Dodd, Higgins & Stokes and saving the Aussies lives falkirkdaft.co.uk
  4. I think they will end up making the NS PATG yeah. Looking like a 5500 crowd which is brilliant.
  5. Buzzing for Saturday already & this week seems to be dragging . Ticket sales looking strong too, with only really 1 section left in the main stand. Uptake for the North stand doesn’t look too heavy yet but 3 days to go I suppose. The retro top & track top look outstanding. Retail/Commercial team having a blinder this year
  6. EP:78 JOHN MCGLYNN’S NUDE CALENDAR Review the 4-1 win over QOS with guest pundit Gordon Profit ️ More info & chat on the Patron investment options Falkirk Supporters Society End of Season party & all the latest FFC news discussed PLUS we… ️ Preview Edinburgh City (H)….. falkirkdaft.co.uk
  7. At a time when almost everything at the club is going well and where we all want it to be heading, I don’t get anyone trying to bring it down unless they care about themselves or their roles before the football club they claim to support/care about. You’re either with us or against us. Simple as that. We all love a moan or a critique when it’s merited but at this stage of the season and how this one is going, just enjoy yourselves FFS, life is way too short.
  8. Great day & night in Dumfries. Brilliant travelling support of 700 too considering it was on TV . Didn’t stop singing all night. Enjoy every minute of this team, we’ve been outstanding. We deserve this too. Roll on Edinburgh now. Oh and it was a pen. Was right in line with it.
  9. Section 6 now on sale (well half of it). With it being on TV, I think 700-750 will be our max today but you never know.
  10. With us being on tv though, he won’t get away with his nonsense from previous games.
  11. OUT NEXT THURSDAY -- FALKIRK DAFT MEETS… TAM MCMANUS @ProducerMac & @RossWayne chat over @The_Tman10’s 2 spells at @FalkirkFC including Latapy genius Pressley support Facing Beckham & A night out with Dodd, Higgins & Stokes PLUS much, much more Sponsored by Lava Cup Tournament & Falkirk FFIT T8’s
  12. Wait, should we be watching what we say on the podcast now? I’d hate to think John calling Ryan Williamson “the tampon” will rile him into becoming Cafu against us on the 30th
  13. EP:76 NOT COUNTING CHICKENS John McInally & Lewis Connolly…. Review the wins over Cove Rangers & Stirling Albion with Bairns fan Andrew Haxton from Parliamo who play Behind The Wall this Friday night ️ Preview QOS (A) with @EuanMaxwell93 PLUS Discuss all the latest FFC news Sponsored by Falkirk FFIT T8’s & Lava Cup Tournament falkirkdaft.co.uk
  14. Got ours a couple of weeks back, definitely there if you scroll down?
  15. Jamie Swinney has confirmed on X tonight that the NS will be open for games where the KM stand has sold out
  16. I heard they may extend the seating allowed rather than open the terrace sadly (if needed)
  17. Accies only need to drop 2pts in these 2 games for us to win it versus Edinburgh as we’d be 19 clear with 18 to play for (assuming we have beaten QOS & Edin)
  18. My guess is an away support of 800-1,000. We can’t win the league this Saturday so think it won’t be as high as it may have been had that been an outside chance. TV also having an impact.
  19. League will be done by Edinburgh (H) imho. We’ll pick up 6pts in the next fortnight & Accies will drop at least 2pts I think.
  20. Games this quarter were always going to be much tighter with what’s at stake for almost every team. We didn’t create as many chances yesterday as we have been but that’s the first time in a long time we haven’t hit double digits in terms of shots on target. As JM said in the week, someone soon will get a doing and I feel it could happen in the next week or 2 tbh. We roll on to Dumfries…
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