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  1. EP:75 SLOPPY & WASTEFUL Review the 1-1 draw with Annan with guest pundit Scott Watson ️ Falkirk Daft Meets….Tam McManus 14 tickets left for FD Live/End of Season Party ️ Preview Cove Rangers (A) & Stirling (A) Falkirk Supporters Society Monthly Draw ️ Falkirk Football Club Commercial Team competition winners announced PLUS much more… falkirkdaft.co.uk
  2. Players in the lounge after the game confirmed Morrison will be fine. McGlynn was raging with them & kept them in the changing room longer than normal after the game too. They said they are determined to get back to a winning run from Tuesday & get this league won asap.
  3. MATCHDAY! Annan Athletic visit today with us currently 16pts ahead of Hamilton Accies with a game in hand. Predictions? episodes for your ears this week… EP:73 HELLO DOON THERE & EP:74 FALKIRK DAFT MEETS…SAMMY MCGIVERN falkirkdaft.co.uk
  4. Absolutely your opinion mate however not too sure it’s a cop out reply as we’ve been very open about the poor communication from the organiser since he postponed the original date and updated our position on the podcast (& on social media too) on a few occasions. Appreciate hugely it’s everyone’s hard earned cash on tickets (as I mentioned we bought for family too) so will do all we can from our side & continue to attempt contact but he has made that very difficult by ignoring emails & calls to his personal & business contacts. The club have even been trying, alongside ourselves, at resolving this as it’s Falkirk fans being effected (and I assume Hibs fans too for that matter as 2 nights were booked there). Re due diligence, the organiser had put these events on previously and as far as we could see, without issue, so accepted the hosting of it gladly (or excitedly as you mentioned) and offered us competition prizes (tickets) to advertise, which we did. You are correct too, that the organiser contacted FFC, as well as Hibs who took the booking to host at Easter Road, however unsure why it didn’t suit either FFC or the organiser. Far from my ideal I know & we are doing what we can do (not a lot as hosts tbh) to help either get a new date confirmed asap or get refunds to us all.
  5. We continue to chase the organiser for updates on a new date. Very, very frustrating tbh and like everyone who bought tickets (ourselves included) if it’s not going to happen or he doesn’t know when (appreciate he’s having to work with Latapy to get him to the UK), refunds need to be offered. We’ll continue to try & get updates or a resolution . Last time we (John) had a proper discussion with them was in November when John ambushed the guy in the stadium (the organiser is involved with Edin City).
  6. The space in the main stand has been filled by the council I believe (it was theirs anyway) for office space now that the town hall has closed in the town. I didn’t know the NS had a 1st floor? I’ve only been in there once or twice but can’t recall anything bar the catering & toilets. Just my opinion but the stadium needs finished, personally would love a terrace (or what Ayr are doing) as it would allow standing plus larger income from hospitality etc. The club don’t take all of the money from the corporate side on a match day with the council doing the food & taking the bar takings I believe. It’s not an urgent job but when it can be done either by fundraising (FSS?) or through some sort of grant/sponsorship then it should be looked at. Premiership or not.
  7. FALKIRK DAFT MEETS….SAMMY MCGIVERN John & Ross chat over Brockville memories, Goals scored inc a famous hat-trick, Saltcoats , Managers, Stainrod, Legends Stand inclusion & much more with THE Ginger God An extra day, an extra episode! falkirkdaft.co.uk
  8. I’m not too sure tbh I just remember hearing a comment that the community pitch was on our land previously.
  9. It’s on club land so you have to assume the club are happy with whatever gets built.
  10. Was only ever an issue when the BP wanted to build a chemical training centre or some such. Subject to planning permission, the club can build anything we want at the stadium footprint I believe.
  11. On accies current form, it could well be QOS (away) assuming we pick up our usual points between now & then
  12. Update - Our end of season party/Live podcast sold out earlier today
  13. EP:73 HELLO DOON THERE Review the BIG wins over Montrose (3-0) & Kelty Hearts (0-1) ️ Meet the @FalkirkFC Commercial Team PLUS Competition news Falkirk Daft LIVE: End of season Party with @BTWFalkirk falkirkdaft.co.uk
  14. Don’t recognise the name nor the young lad beside me in the pic. I was with others beside me though.
  15. Pros & cons to winning it home & away. A home game (Edin or Cove) would be great as you’d have a full house. But an away game at Montrose sounds like a belter too . I think, even if it were on TV, we’d still take a huge travelling support.
  16. Comfortable night. Petrie & Campbell really are a pair of moaning wee shites. Pleasing.
  17. Comfortable night. Petrie & Campbell really are a pair of moaning wee shites. Pleasing.
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