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  1. Update - Our end of season party/Live podcast sold out earlier today
  2. EP:73 HELLO DOON THERE Review the BIG wins over Montrose (3-0) & Kelty Hearts (0-1) ️ Meet the @FalkirkFC Commercial Team PLUS Competition news Falkirk Daft LIVE: End of season Party with @BTWFalkirk falkirkdaft.co.uk
  3. Don’t recognise the name nor the young lad beside me in the pic. I was with others beside me though.
  4. Pros & cons to winning it home & away. A home game (Edin or Cove) would be great as you’d have a full house. But an away game at Montrose sounds like a belter too . I think, even if it were on TV, we’d still take a huge travelling support.
  5. Comfortable night. Petrie & Campbell really are a pair of moaning wee shites. Pleasing.
  6. Comfortable night. Petrie & Campbell really are a pair of moaning wee shites. Pleasing.
  7. Brilliant watch tbh, John at his best. Not a fan of Si Ferry though.
  8. EP:72 TAM LANG PRESENTS… Review the massive 3-2 win over Hamilton Accies with guest pundit Danny Henderson ️ CM7 hits 50 goals ️ Gary Hill remembered ️ @ProducerMac stitched up Preview Kelty Hearts (A) falkirkdaft.co.uk
  9. Can’t see many changes tbh, if any. We did play better when Tait came on though.
  10. Well that was a good day yesterday Recording 2 podcasts tonight too so buzzing for those
  11. Sha la la la la la la la…Falkirk FC
  12. We had c5250 home fans versus the Fife lot in the Nov 22 derby but otherwise, I think this will be going back to that United play off yeah
  13. McGlynn would never re-sign Burrell
  14. It can be segregated inside yeah. We did it for a few games in the SPL days versus ICT, Gretna etc.
  15. I don’t think it will be needed either but no Jamie Swinney has posted on Twitter tonight to say the NS will be for Accies only. I can see section H of the main stand on sale first thing tomorrow though.
  16. This was my thinking too when we first came down. When we win the league, go up quietly as it was embarrassing to be down in L1. But after the last few years of shit, being knocked by every fan above us in the country, whenever it does happen, we need to enjoy it & use it as a catalyst for kicking on.
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