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  1. 16 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    Was in Greaves picking up some online sale gear. Asked the girl about the invincible stuff, all I got was hope soon - as the Falkirk merchandise is fast selling .

    Out of curiosity mate, do Greaves have our stuff on display/for sale in the shop too or are we just online for them? 

  2. 2 hours ago, Sarcastic Bairn said:

    Change of topic, I thought the idea of what Ayr were doing with the new stand behind the terracing sounded great.

    Just saw a pic of it and to me it looks meh, disappointed from this view.



    Think it looks ok tbh. Will meet their corporate need aswell as adding to their seated capacity a little whilst keeping terracing. 

    Will away fans still get access to the terrace along the wing to the left of the fence do we know? 

  3. 47 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    I did. That was my first port of call. Il try and get in there and see them. I'm assuming they were swamped from the off and it's just got lost

    Laura is on annual leave just now. Joanne is very helpful in her absence though. joanne.houghton@falkirkfc.co.uk

  4. 1 hour ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    With 21 players signed including 4 youngsters who will be hoping for a Yeats style breakthrough, its the first time in years there has been stability.

    If as hoped Adams hit the season with a breakthrough at Right Back that frees up Yeats for competition for a midfield roll.

    Whether its signings or loans, the incoming will be Goalkeeper - Center Back - Midfielder plus if Mackie is away Left back.

    Any other signing is a bonus

    One bit of caution, the season hinges on the players that did so well last season kicking on in a higher league. Football being football there maybe one or two that don't cut it.

    The good news for us is that the bulk of our starting X1/Squad last year have played & performed at a higher level. 

    Lang, Henderson, Donaldson, Spencer, Nesbitt, MacIver, Oliver, Mackie, Miller & McKenna have all graced the championship or above. 

  5. If you are looking for something to do (re-watching the highlights is a definite starter though), then we’ve just popped out on our socials as a reminder that…

    🎙️ 2023/24 had a few “Falkirk Daft meets..” as well as some special guests on our regular podcasts…

    🧢 John McGlynn & Paul Smith
    👕 Chris “Bigtime” McGill 
    💷 FFC Directors 
    🤸🏻‍♂️ Will Vaulks
    ⚽️ Tam McManus
    👨🏻‍🦰 Sammy McGivern
    🏆 Lauren Shaw
    👦 Tony Begg

    Find them all at👇🏼

    📺 🎧📱falkirkdaft.co.uk


  6. 11 minutes ago, AJ1981 said:

    they offered to peeps. a month ago.

    Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 10.30.44.png

    Absolutely and I hope people got in touch. But they won’t bring out everything fans ask for I am sure although retail has been fantastic this season & continues to be. Club shop looks brilliant these days. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, Cheeringmango said:

    Just bought a season ticket for KM - how do I get my son's U12 ticket?

    Doesn't allow you to add to basket on its own or when buying adult ticket as obviously needs to be in conjunction with an adult ticket... 

    I've bought mine and same message when I try to do his? 


    Any help much appreciated.. 



    Have you completed the sale on yours? Needs to be done at the same time I believe. Maybe best to call the shop tomorrow. 

  8. 1 hour ago, AJ1981 said:

    FD need to be independent, if they were affiliated with the club it would be a snooze fest, they wouldn't be able to say anything controversial or challenging. I think they're doing a great job and should be congratulated. But with success comes responsibility and ive covered my views on the merchandise debate on other posts. if the lads can only take praise and object to factual criticism then they're in the wrong game   lol 

    No issues with criticism mate 👍🏼. I acknowledged your POV about money going to the club where at all possible (and we do talk about their ventures almost weekly) but I just don’t see that being realistic as the club won’t do everything that fans may want. 

  9. Just now, GMBairn said:

    Just saw on twitter the club have sold 1700 season tickets already. Not sure how many we sold last year but that's good going in a week. 

    I’m sure Jamie Swinney said 2,900 but that included 1/2 season tickets etc. 1700 is brilliant after just 1 week. I really hope & think we’ll shift over 3,000. 

  10. 17 minutes ago, AJ1981 said:

    and quite right too, wouldn't expect anything else, but that doesn't mean they should be promoting products made by somebody in Sheffield with no association with, or loyalty to the club. do you think wood design and illustration would be pushing their stuff if our season had been like the last 4? keep the NBP in the Falkirk family.



    Don’t disagree (as we always push the clubs stuff too) but if something looks cool & made well then personally happy to give it air time & I know John does too. Same with ultras merch, prints pints merch etc. 

    The club gets zero money from people spending money in the Westfield lounge too but people still do it on masse every home game. The club promote it as it’s an option for fans. We were approached (& the club aren’t selling them) so shared it. 
  11. 59 minutes ago, martin ritchie said:

    Of course they can but let's face it they ain't going to upset the apple cart......unofficial it may be but its as close to the club as you can get without being official, or is that just how it looks 🤔 😆 🤣 

    I can assure you we do & have upset the apple cart many times 😂😂

  12. 46 minutes ago, Blame Me said:

    I'll bite since it's quiet around these parts 🙂

    Agree they've become quite close to the club, staff, players and FSS but I don't sense they've censured themselves to avoid upsetting those relationships.

    John and Ross are calling it as they see it which is why I think it's been so well received - Take John's criticism of the "begging bowl" emails or Ross awarding Falkirk daft-ie to some of the players over the season.

    I think the club are quite happy to endorse them as the show and contribution they make is brilliant, in my view. 

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    Ross and John you can pay me your tenners whenever. Bank details in your DM's 😉 😝


    Pint of T in Elliot’s and that’s your whack 😂

  13. 12 minutes ago, martin ritchie said:

    Falkirk daft have been promoting that guys ffc stuff so presumably the club are OK with it 

    The FD podcast isn’t an official podcast to the football club so the thoughts of the football club may not (will not) match ours in terms of promoting competitions or items that may not be making the football club money.

    We do support the club making as much money as possible obviously but we don’t always promote just club merch/initiatives. IE we have promoted various items such as Ultras 1876 merch, PintnPrints merch & other non club stuff over the last couple of years via comps, sponsorships or we just like someone’s work so want to share.

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