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  1. 12 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    Quick scan over the main stand, looking like it’s down to a few hundred seats available. Two days plus match day to go. We won’t sell out but why not make the NS PATG. 

    I think they will end up making the NS PATG yeah. Looking like a 5500 crowd which is brilliant. 

  2. Buzzing for Saturday already & this week seems to be dragging 😂.

    Ticket sales looking strong too, with only really 1 section left in the main stand. Uptake for the North stand doesn’t look too heavy yet but 3 days to go I suppose. 

    The retro top & track top look outstanding. Retail/Commercial team having a blinder this year 👏🏻


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  4. 2 minutes ago, Artemis said:

    They will likely open up Section 6 if the others sell out. The match preview on the Queens website says sections 5-9 have been allocated to away fans but they’re selling section 5 tickets as home ones. Section 6 hasn’t been on sale at all.
    There is no warning to Falkirk fans to not travel if they don’t have a ticket and that they are on sale right up to KO. Not sure what happens if they sell out in advance.

    Section 6 now on sale (well half of it). With it being on TV, I think 700-750 will be our max today but you never know. 

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  7. 48 minutes ago, FK1Bairn said:

    Good news that the KM7 is as good as sold out for the final 4 home games of the season with the Alloa game being sold out. I've had to buy tickets for the main stand for the Alloa game but will there be any chance that the North Stand has to be opened for home fans as well? 

    Jamie Swinney has confirmed on X tonight that the NS will be open for games where the KM stand has sold out 👏🏻

  8. 30 minutes ago, Bainsfordbairn said:

    When we got relegated there was the usual pile-on for a couple of weeks as every opposing fan ripped the piss out of us. 

    And then there was one QOTS fan who kept posting on our thread, for probably the whole of summer, with a fresh post on the same subject every few days. He was incredibly boring. Can't mind who. 

    I'm so tempted to look back for those posts and respond with a picture of the Champions when we finally win the league. 



    Be shocked if it wasn’t Monkey Tennis. 

  9. Games this quarter were always going to be much tighter with what’s at stake for almost every team. We didn’t create as many chances yesterday as we have been but that’s the first time in a long time we haven’t hit double digits in terms of shots on target. As JM said in the week, someone soon will get a doing and I feel it could happen in the next week or 2 tbh. 

    We roll on to Dumfries…

  10. 1 hour ago, BPM said:

    Great night at the Academy dinner last night. Must have raised a right few quid from the auction alone. One prize went for 3 grand on its own I think. 
    Peter and John were hilarious. Well done to the FFC staff for organising a brilliant event.  

    Great news

  11. 1 minute ago, GMBairn said:

    I think the club will try and push the same price angle as much as they can next season.

    Keep the feel good factor going and know you'll make up the difference in pie and merch sales if you can convert people to every week attendance.

    I think they will too & quite rightly as it was a brilliant gesture following the car crash end to last season. I do hope they advertise, even quietly, an option to top up. 

    Merch has flown out this year, hopefully another set of belting kits again. 

  12. 33 minutes ago, StuartA said:

    Prices were frozen for two seasons so next season will be the same as this. 

    Hopefully the club give an option of paying an optional add on to STs for those who may wish to contribute slightly more even with the gesture & commitment to freeze. 

    With gate prices likely going up to champ level prices, STs will be very good value for money next season so some may be able & wish to top up. Huge season ahead & think our STs will go above 3,000.

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