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  1. 1 hour ago, alonso said:

    Yip that's the link I was going to use, don't understand how anybody has paid £5 for an under 12, not complaining if I get the wee man in for free but is there another section that's maybe sold out or is it open terrace all round?

    We have 2 sections of the stand plus behind the away goal & then all the way down the other side of the pitch (standing)

  2. 15 minutes ago, bairn88 said:

    Bit late in the day but any way of getting more tickets out for Saturday? Would be a shame to have a fairly empty north stand. Any easy way of distributing some kids freebies? 

    NS will be the PATG area for Saturday & I think a decent walk up will happen tbh. Still tomorrow too for sales but looking like 5,500 home fans. 

  3. 37 minutes ago, Believe The Hype said:

    Anyone find any difficulty when phoning the club shop? Been trying for the past hour and just rings out and onto voicemail. Is this a common theme? Never usually phone up you see. 

    If you still can’t get through, email Joanne who is on the ball with retail - joanne.houghton@falkirkfc.co.uk

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    Quick scan over the main stand, looking like it’s down to a few hundred seats available. Two days plus match day to go. We won’t sell out but why not make the NS PATG. 

    I think they will end up making the NS PATG yeah. Looking like a 5500 crowd which is brilliant. 

  6. Buzzing for Saturday already & this week seems to be dragging 😂.

    Ticket sales looking strong too, with only really 1 section left in the main stand. Uptake for the North stand doesn’t look too heavy yet but 3 days to go I suppose. 

    The retro top & track top look outstanding. Retail/Commercial team having a blinder this year 👏🏻


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  8. 2 minutes ago, Artemis said:

    They will likely open up Section 6 if the others sell out. The match preview on the Queens website says sections 5-9 have been allocated to away fans but they’re selling section 5 tickets as home ones. Section 6 hasn’t been on sale at all.
    There is no warning to Falkirk fans to not travel if they don’t have a ticket and that they are on sale right up to KO. Not sure what happens if they sell out in advance.

    Section 6 now on sale (well half of it). With it being on TV, I think 700-750 will be our max today but you never know. 

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