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  1. No surprise, anyone who films this sort of stuff and posts it on social media is a wrong 'un. On the game, I like Lang but he's cost us another cup tie. Overplaying before their goal and missing that sitter from 6 yards out was extremely poor.
  2. A surprise to absolutely no one, just another Brexit Unionist party.
  3. Keith Gourlay also said on the FD podcast that we're paying premier costs, which is a problem in League 1 and the Championship but we have a contract. Doesn't sound great tbh.
  4. Agreed, I watched the first half and thought New Plough Lane looked excellent as well - just shows what can be done with a bit of thought and fan organisation!
  5. Kenny Jamieson also confirmed on the Falkirk Daft 'Directors Cut' podcast last year that the Rawlins option was time limited.
  6. Same at Falkirk unfortunately - abseiling off the main stand and cannons on the pitch will probably become standard in future. All part of the performance.
  7. The relevance is the limited scope of control that Scot Gov had, ergo messages. The latest WhatsApp headline smear and We just don't know conspiracy begins to fall down then.. Particularly after over 13,000 documents have already been made available. But you know that.
  8. Would look much better if filmed from the empty East side. Would have thought sponsors would prefer that as well, looks like we're playing on a public park at times!
  9. Scot Gov had no control over borrowing for furlough or borders so scope is fairly limited. I can see why WhatsApp would be getting attention after Partygate, dodgy PPE contracts and 'Eat Out to Help Out' though.
  10. See link from 1 hour 44 min; said we're paying premier costs, which is a problem in League 1 and the Championship but we have a contract... Would be good to get an update on the council talks KG references from last year as the stadium deal is a crippler, as StuartA says.
  11. Just hoping we don't put in another offer and the 43% who voted for him stay quiet!
  12. Just glad we failed in our multiple bids and the 43% from the FSS poll didn't get their way!
  13. They weren't slaughtered for dismissing a rapist though. Probably the only thing they got right!
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