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  1. You cannot underestimate the benefits and positivity that is generated from a good infrastructure and community set up. Dunipace have been the best team in the league, albeit a wee bit off the boil recently. People can cry as much as they want about 3G pitches but I would definitely say it improves the standard of football on show. Rather a 3G than watching games on some of the cowfields in the league. Speaking of which, dunipace WILL be joined by Whitburn in the prem, who would probably be a better team if they didn't play on a cowfield.
  2. With Stoneyburn getting a small 3G training pitch built currently, they should maybe have saved a bit more and get the full pitch done.
  3. St Andrews result probably the only surprise in the league today. The others probably went as expected.
  4. Whitburn seem to be actually winning without playing much in the last few weeks. Obviously they need to win those games in hand and that park does them no favours but they could be in a decent position here.
  5. It will be upsetting for sellick fans that Beaton ended up helping them out by keeping Maeda and Johnson on the park when they both should have had second yellows. Otherwise, he had a good game.
  6. Unfortunately, down at that level I can't see any benefits from it. It is a poor league.
  7. Having read your post before the video, I expected to see something different. The goalie went down and the ball was in the net about 2 seconds later. Cannot blame the ref or striker for that. Play just never gets stopped instantly. So it's an obvious goal and the ref has no justification to chop it off. No controversy there, for me. However, what happens next... We have seen a quite small number of instances where teams have allowed the opposition to wander up and score. This should be seen as extraordinary sportsmanship, rather than an expectation. And they usually occur if there has been an injustice or a mistake made by the scoring team. I don't think that applies here. Although they could have done it. But you can't expect it. Maybe teams that score a goal when they know it was offside should let the other team walk up to score?
  8. That Camelon result is huge I think. Didn't see that one coming. Fair play to Lochore after a tricky spell of results. Other games pretty much to form today. Good weekend for Whitburn without kicking a ball.
  9. What's going on at Broxburn? Feeling the pressure? Crapped the bed? Even when they have been getting results recently, it's kind of sneaking over the line and comebacks. Can they be caught?
  10. The top 3 all dropping points today makes it really interesting. Opens it right up for St Andrews and Whitburn.
  11. Saturday prediction Arniston 2 St andrews 4 Dunipace 3 Newtongrange 2 Oakley 1 Camelon 3 Whitburn 3 Blackburn 2
  12. Tight at the top, tight at the bottom. VoL and Oakley will go down, anyone else as far up as 8th is not safe. Any 3 from the top 5 could go up but Dunipace by far the best team I've seen in this league so on that basis, I hope they get a promotion slot
  13. Should be a cracking game. Dunipace the best team I've seen in this league so far.
  14. Don't think it was so much homesickness, rather, sick of this being his home.... As for DMs 'I need players who will run through brick walls for me' pish. So cringe. It's not all about you Davie! Too many managers in the game with this frail attitude.
  15. Can't see there being many games on at all in West Lothian today.
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