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  1. It’s machine scanners at the away end of Easter Road isn’t it? Not manned turnstiles? Asking for a friend
  2. any danger of Saints not giving out 3 year contracts to whoever wants them
  3. Anyone in Manchester watching this? Which boozer is good
  4. So glad there’s finally somebody saying this. I spotted him in her box at one of the pre Wimbledon grass court events. A very interesting partnership!
  5. A hypothetical question here. If a young person was to use a senior citizen season ticket whilst clearly not being over 65, would they encounter any difficulty getting into the ground? Please don’t direct any hate towards this hypothesised person as they may have fallen under hard financial times
  6. In my opinion, Macpherson played well last night and on Friday. Thought he managed himself well after a stupid early booking. Always wants the ball and never hides. Categorically didn’t spend the game shelling it out the park, an absolutely wild take. Made saints a better team in both matches of the playoff.
  7. Wondering if anyone has a McDiarmid seat map? My Dad has bought my ticket and we are a bit away from each other. Just want to know where I will be! There is normally one on the Saints site tickets section somewhere but can't find it just now. Cheers
  8. How likely is it that there will be a large capacity allowed for this? Staying in London at the minute and away to book trains up. Think might just go for it and make sure I am rapid off the mark when any tickets get released.
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