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  1. I take it that tickets bought for the Jan2 game are applicable tomorrow?
  2. The accusation is ludicrous.The person alleged to have made the racist chant was sitting within yards of me . I can categorically state this is pure bunkum.
  3. I was sat close to where there was a bit of a contretemps but I didn’t hear anything that could be construed as racist.
  4. Let’s face it.None of you have a clue. Goodwillie is on record as saying he wants to stay at Clyde until he is 40.
  5. Daily Record suggesting Raith are keen to sign Goodwillie.
  6. When are we going to find out if the game is being streamed? Bankies tv pretty silent on matter.
  7. Where were your Board today?Visitors Directors’ box empty.
  8. Adolfo what about Rewards membership?Where do we enter? If it is through gates I’ll be cancelling my standing order.
  9. I am confident. We might be carrying a number of passengers but we still have enough to see off Clydebank. 1-0 Clyde.
  10. Why is it a load of ...? For once we have a Chair who is trying to communicate with fans.
  11. Am I right in my understanding that Wee Nicola and her cronies have agreed to do away with red zones in sports stadiums? It would nice to think that I and others can return to the seats we occupied for over 20 years.
  12. Noticed a Rockgen billboard behind the goal at the sports centre.Is Norrie Innes now backing the Colts?
  13. Chance to see McGrath and MccOrmack tonight.Berwick v Gretna on BBC.
  14. Crowd was far in excess of 651. Good numbers in hospitality and I am sure the kids in the family stand were excluded. would be interesting to hear how many opted for puff. From the highlights of DG’s goals was clear QP did not bring much of a support.
  15. With the signing of Parry I think we should be happy to get £10000 for Mitchell.
  16. Why would his statement and vision for the Club cause outrage? He is a lifelong Clyde fan who in the past has attempted to improve communication between Club and the wider community.He was also instrumental in bringing Danny Lennon to the Club. Give the guy a chance...time will tell.
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