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  1. Have to say it looks like Tranent are splashing the cash to challenge EK. Mick will be forced to sign another dozen players now.
  2. Good squad for Robbie when he takes over !
  3. Edinburgh City out, EK in by the back door ? Be fun to watch Mental Mickey doing U turns trying to justify that one.
  4. As long as a ground has cover for 500 that’s about it for the fans experience I believe, the rest is down to size of changing rooms, medical rooms, showers, floodlights etc and Central Park is more than adequate in that regard. A lot of work was done to meet Championship standard back in the glory days !
  5. Are there teams who don’t seek to compete at the top of the league ? I think every team sets out to do the best it can and finance is a massive part of that but if Gretna unexpectedly found themselves at the top of the league, are Tranent suggesting they wouldn’t be interested in winning it ?
  6. They haven’t noticed as too busy trying to work out an excuse how to sack Ian Little so they can get Robbie Horne in.
  7. Don’t see you ranting on Berwick, ES or Albion forums but it’s all a bit of banter so calm doon min.
  8. Absolute joke of Club selection by SPFL. How the feck did Bo’ness get an invite ?
  9. Well done to EK tho probably a bit flat after last week but still a good cup to win given the number of teams that are in it. Did the fatboy GK coach behave himself this week ?
  10. So if EK are Bronze for next season, it means they will need to have a Doctor at every game they play in the LL ?
  11. They have to hide the truth as HMRC are being deprived of income. The problem with trying to hide “off books” payments and having a high turnover of players is that these same players are asking for a similar deal when going to another Club.
  12. Just seen the GK Coach Zander Cowie was red carded for confronting a Stranraer player at the end of game.. He did the same at Cowden this season when he tried to grab a Cowden player who had been sent off. Time this walloper was thrown out the game.
  13. Robbie Horn will be their next big transfer. !
  14. At least the Doctor they require for the Bronze licence would have been handy to apply emergency open ego massage to MK and Si
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