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  1. Plus side Raith ex players done good apart from Ross miss Minus side after that result your fans will be lucky to get 50 tickets for away end when you go to Tannadice
  2. That's if the game hasn't been cancelled 3 times for flooding
  3. Certainly not ground sound system anyway. Ross County a throw back to pre 60s Even old school 50/50 number board carried round the ground
  4. Possible if Lauren at Raith who seems to be contact by email would have info on buses?
  5. Main stand full on touchline side The corner section was pretty full as well.I would think it wouldn't be possible for County fans to be accommodated there
  6. Does anyone know if there is a possibility of bus/es being organised?
  7. Last time I was there we had away end plus one side of the pitch if I remember correctly
  8. Why the main stand? Mentioned before put them in railway stand just as easy to control especially with a steward armed with a high power hose ready to turn on when flare thrown
  9. That didn't work for me this seems to be a common problem so needs sorted out asap
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