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  1. I think it'll come down to cash. You'd have thought if he was signing for Raith he'd have done so already.
  2. Agreed, we don't want to find ourselves in another situation like the end of last season when we were down to the bare bones defensively.
  3. Terrific bit of business getting Tait back. Agreed. A versatile defender that can play full back and centre half and another striker ideally. Not sure we will get them though, that said it's more when not if Allan heads out the door.
  4. They've got about 25 first team players under contract as it stands and that's before any new signings. The retained list doesn't necessarily mean players are in the managers plans. We've got Jordan Allan on ours.
  5. He had a year left anyway. The press were reporting he was trying to negotiate his release but perhaps as you say Gray might be wanting to evaluate all the players. Tait is part of the Academy squad but looking at the amount of players on Hibs books I'd be amazed if he gets anywhere near the first team.
  6. If it's a better offering than O'neill's gave Partick then all well and good. Their home top is a bit meh tbh, basically our away strip template from last season but the badge,sponsor etc is all crammed in the central stripe which makes it look a bit gash.
  7. Bit surprised at that one I thought it'd be a loan keeper we signed. Wish the lad all the best.
  8. Aye I don't see many incomings either tbf. I'm sure we'd all like another defender and a striker aswell but I don't think it'll happen.
  9. He's a right back and can play left back. We are covered there with Yeats/Adams and McCann/Mackie. Unless the plan is to put Adams out on loan I can't see us signing another full back. Bit of chat on other threads that McMillan might be leaving Thistle and Ballantyne is the replacement. He's a decent player though, be a good addition for someone.
  10. They've probably had to give him three years on a decent wage to fight off interest from other clubs, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of coaching role involved further down the line aswell.
  11. 1.Raith 2.Partick 3.Livingston 4.Airdrie 5.Falkirk 6.Dunfermline 7.Ayr 8.Hamilton 9.Queens Park 10.Morton.
  12. They have signed a few from all over the place. Only ones I know of are Muirhead and Smith and to a lesser extent McAlear the rest all seem to be unknowns. They could be decent or a pile of shit
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