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  1. If we are still undefeated when we win the league then yes because the fans will still travel because they will want to see every game of the season. The minute that we lose a game I think that you would then see the numbers drop.
  2. I really hope that we are able to go through the entire league campaign undefeated. We could come up with our own version of this: Th YEATS HOGARTH SPENCER JOHN MCGLYNN MILLER LANG MCIVER MORRISON HENDERSON McCANN OLIVER NESBITT DONALDSON AGYEMAN ROSS The merchandise would be endless: strips, mugs, posters, t shirts, prints, key fobs, coasters etc. INVINCIBLES.docx
  3. Gingers everywhere in that picture! Glad you circled yourself.
  4. Couldn't agree more. However, in the those 5 years ineffective chairmen and board members (who thought that Gary Holt was a good appointment as a DOF) have been ousted and the fans have seen the advent of fan ownership and the Falkirk Supporters Society is now the largest shareholder in the club. We can all now have a say in how the club is managed and hopefully if we finally get promoted this season and things are well enough organised behind the scenes then we will never see ourselves in league 1 again. Onwards and upwards.
  5. It would also allow all those Clydebank and Morten w*nkers who infested this thread in the past and who now seem to have gone into hiding to watch us getting promoted.
  6. b*****d! nice one mate, got me. An editing I must go!
  7. What you might want to consider is that you have been in league 1 for only two seasons and in that time your attendances have what, halved? We have been languishing in league 1 for five seasons and our attendances in all that time have held up remarkably well, even during the horrible Holt / Sheerin / Rennie seasons and this season have actually increased, for obvious reasons. With regards to the 2 recent games against Hamilton Accies, at the away game they had 1,813 home fans and we had 2,008 away fans. At the home game we had 5,455 home fans and they had 301 away fans. Sure, we like to crowdwank, that's our thang, but we are also loyal as f*ck.
  8. Calvin Miller seems to have a wee training ground party piece going on. That's twice he has picked up a ball from a corner, turned away from goals and the defence then turned and sent in a beauty. he scored himself against the Binos then his pass lead to Clubber's goal against Kelty yesterday. Keep it up, Calvin.
  9. Aye, and how many players paraphrase Charles Dickens in an interview? "I've been through the worst of times and the best of times" Brilliant.
  10. Everybody was convinced that he was off to pastures new: "if he gets us promoted he goes with my best wishes", "good luck to him, he deserves a good move" etc. etc. This really is like us signing a new striker, absolutely fantastic news. LUV U CALLUMN!
  11. If ourselves and Stenhousemuir continue to match each other stride for stride then McGlynn and Naysmith will win their respective league’s manager of the season awards and deservedly so. And it should be between them for the overall manager of the season award but I’ve a horrible feeling that if Sevco win the premiership that they’ll give it to Clement.
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