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  1. Hughes will be never be back. He not only burned his bridges when he left, but there were a few incidents behind the scenes when he subsequently returned as manager of an opposing team. And no I'm not going to go into details. As for Houston, I don't think there's any likelihood that he will be sacked. We're not a club which does that, as was proven when there was an open meeting at the stadium with several hundred fans and they clearly told the chairman they would not renew their seasons if Pressley was kept on as manager. We all know how that ended. I think we would need to do a St Mirren and sit adrift at the bottom of the league before there was any danger of a sacking. Houston will be in charge next year.
  2. If our website and twitter were last, then you could now go onto the webpages of the Sun, BBC, Sky, Falkirk Herald etc and see the story confirmed there. You can't because it hasn't happened. FFC will always CONFIRM the news first - before any other media source. Nobody else gets the news to release it before the club does, at least as far as signings is concerned. The catch is that FFC will only announce a signing after all the "I"s are dotted and "T"s crossed. I don't think we're any different from other clubs in that regard. The problem is that if news leaks from an agent, or a friend of a player etc then it makes the club look slow. They're not; they're just going by the book. Whether that's the case here remains to be seen.
  3. You know, I actually wanted Hibs to win the cup last season. My long-standing hatred of all things Rangers easily trumped my temporary dislike of a club I'd never really bothered about before. And even then, my dislike was more of Alan Stubbs than Hibernian FC. Lord how I repent that decision. You lot have become the most insufferable smug c'nts in the history of smug c'nts. I now wish Rangers had scudded you.
  4. Believe it or not, that's inaccurate. Immediately after a game is the one time you can eat whatever you like. The important thing is to get nutrition back into your body as quick as possible to replenish what you've lost. The form the nutrition takes isn't important. I know because I asked the club medical staff about it after the team bus stopped at a fast-food location on the way home from an evening game in the Highlands. Generally clubs will feed the visiting team before they leave, but on this occasion the host club didn't do it, hence the stop on the drive down the road. As an example, Inverness used to stop at a chip shop in Auchterarder after every away game. You might be surprised to know that one of the most common foods given post-match by clubs is pizza, which isn't generally classed as health food.
  5. When you consider that he was just coming back from injury, was playing his last game for Killie and was desperate to go to the Euros, that's actually a pretty good plan. One hard tackle early on and he would probably have been anonymous for the rest of the game. Instead.....
  6. My humblest of humble apologies. I'll try to be more restrained in the future. When you go to U20 games you can hear everything the players shout at each other, including nicknames. After a while you start to pick them up and use them in conversation.
  7. Correct. Mark Finlayson is our right back so there's no place for him there. I wasn't paying much attention to his actual position during the game, but I think he was out on the right with Bluesy and Reis in the centre and Hendo on the left.
  8. Sorry to nitpick, but we don't actually know that. The wording of our official statement began "John came to me earlier in the week for a chat" which INFERS that Rankin instigated the move, but for all we know Houston could have instigated it by inviting Rankin to come and talk about his future. In fact, if you look at the quote from Naismith on the QOS site (link below) it could be read as suggesting that Houston initiated the move by his conversation with Naismith and then asked Rankin to come in for a chat afterwards. Given that Rankin trebled his contract duration by moving clubs, it was pretty much a no-brainer for him. http://www.qosfc.com/news-3440 None of that really matters now, but the point I'm making is there's not enough evidence to condemn Houstons' actions here. If anything, the evidence appears to suggest the opposite. In my opinion anyway.
  9. Fair enough. I don't think he's ever played there for us though, and Watson was signed as a centre half 6 months after Muirhead arrived. That kind of suggests to me that Houston doesn't see him in the CH role. I may be wrong; I guess we'll find out next season.
  10. When you consider that he had 6 months left with us and got 18 months at Queens, then the term "pay cut" is pretty meaningless. For all we know he could be getting a tenner less a week - but will now be getting it for three times longer than before. This may just be good PR on someone's part; it doesn't tell us enough to draw any conclusions from IMO. Or are the actual figures given anywhere?
  11. You do know that Muirhead will still be here next year? http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/aaron-muirhead-signs-contract-extension/
  12. Err, maybe try checking the official website? http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/raith-rovers-v-falkirk-supporter-info-4/
  13. I understand that the "next in line" keeper - or at least the one that sometimes came on the team bus as cover before Deniz arrived - has chosen to leave the Academy. I've no idea who's next up. A thirteen year old perhaps?
  14. Eh? I would have thought the quote from Houston on the official site - "(Deniz) approached me to ask for the chance to move on" answered that one. It has nothing to do with money. He wanted to leave, so we had to get in another keeper to replace him. As for If the Under 20s are playing in Dingwall, would you have our only other keeper - the first choice one - spend 12 hours away so that he can sit on the bench as cover for Lewis McMinn?
  15. We sold him. Had we not done so he would have been free to sign a PCA with someone else five months afterwards. While only the player will know the difference between his Rotherham salary and Falkirk one, you could perhaps guesstimate that over the course of a season, the difference would have been around a quarter of a million pounds. If your employer denied you the chance to earn that kind of money, how much effort would you really give them? 50% of what you gave before maybe? 60%? That's all speculation of course. Though given that we rejected bids for Alan Gow in the last year of his contract and he was invisible after signing a PCA with Rangers, you can understand why we let him go. I think Gow was actually the last player we kept at the club when he wanted to be elsewhere and at the time I thought it was obvious that he wasn't trying a leg for us.
  16. Two assists last year, depending on how you define assist. He had the one against Raith and also puts the cross in against Hibs which a defender headed to Leahy to score the thunderbolt that brought us back to 2-2. Before Sir Bob stepped up to consign them to another season of First Division football. One assist this year, also against Raith. He played a cross back to the centre of the box for Lee to head into the net.
  17. I believe Houston said at the AGM that Shepherd would be offered a new contract. It may not be long before we hear about extensions, as this time last year we'd announced extensions for Blues, O Hara & Eadie. Offers had made to Leahy (and Alston) and Baird was announced as having signed his extension in the middle of January.
  18. Not really. The "Vaulks will be signing for Barnsley" line was posted the day after the story broke. It was also put up midway through the second half of the match at Stirling, after everyone had already noticed he was missing. The part about the pitch being "fooked" is nonsense. Wind up attempt methinks.
  19. To be honest, I don't think that our third last goal from a corner really matters now. What matters is that the last one came against the filthy, diving, cheating cloggers of Hibernian FC.
  20. September. McCracken headed in a Taiwo corner against Elgin.
  21. The South Stand is sponsored by Street Lighting Supplies and I think all the stairwells already have their branding attached. Whether the club would open the South Stand up to individual fans remains to be seen. I imagine businesses pay far more than we would, but I think they only get a deal for a year whereas if a fan sponsors a step in the main stand they get it for life. You may get an official answer on Friday. The lady in the Commercial Official who deals with steps is snowed under at the moment and is going to try and spend some time working on step sponsorship tomorrow. I imagine it's going to be quite popular in the runup to Christmas.
  22. He was given his first start against a lower league side though. Houston seems to be very cautious about throwing young players in so I can't see him making his first league start in an away match at Tannadice.
  23. He got 45 against Hamilton and I think 70 against Killie, though I missed that game so I'm not certain. It was definitely 90 last week. Tonight was his fourth game back after injury.
  24. I strongly suspect Gallacher will start at the weekend, maybe along with O' Hara. They'll be playing in Andorra though. Both are away with Scotland Under 19s. Games tomorrow, Thursday and Sunday. Do try and keep up, old chap.
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