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  1. bugger all! My lassie was to take me for a slap up meal but she messaged me three days before to say she caught the covid virus and has to isolate for a week
  2. I'm 80 years auld the day and this is how one of my granddaughters sees me. Course he could be an ancestor
  3. Me? an anti-royalist! Whit gave ye that idea? eight days and I'll be 80 years auld
  4. I've never heard these names for left handers. My mum called me kippy handed but she was frae Glesga
  5. I'm left handed and I used tae get a skelp on the lug frae my teacher in primary school (late 40's/early 50's) for trying tae write with my left hand . My mum used tae say that I was kippy handed.
  6. I posted on it yesterday and someone replied. I tried to view it today but it said that I don't have permission to view it. Is it a masonic thing?
  7. I'm only active politically if there is an election due. I usually visit every day to read the covid-19 thread but as I know nothing regarding the virus I dinnae contribute Gracias, I'm 78 years auld. I dinnae post because I've nothing tae say but I'll mibbe mosey over tae the politics thread tae have a nose Danke, I'm as deaf as a dodo so whose that knocking on my door winnae work.
  8. I'm overwhelmed with titbits (remember that mag) but I post enough comments on the Windsors and Trident elsewhere. For example someone said that Phil the Greek did his bit in WW2 in fighting off the fascists. And someone else said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is my birthday
  9. But surely the 'Monarchy' is a part of 'real life'. They can flaunt the rules to suit themselves while (most of) the rest of us try to abide by them. And that doesn't concern you?
  10. You should have added that his son and daughter-in-law at the beginning of last December took a train (at taxpayers expense) and travelled from London to Edinburgh against the advice of the SG then travelled to Wales against the advice of the Welsh Government. I'm still here so I didnae catch fire. I take it you accept that Charlie boy can flaunt the rules whenever he wants?
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