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  1. I should have added that either route is fairly lengthy, probably around an hour from Edinburgh to Falkirk or Grangemouth. The 909 is comfier as it is Citylink. The 38 is quite rattly in my experience. Hope you have a safe trip and a good outcome!
  2. There is the 909 from Princes Street every hour that you could get to Newlands Garage in Grangemouth then get a 3 or a 4 from there. The 3 and 4 are each every 30 minutes. Alternatively there is the 38 or X38 from Edinburgh that is a frequent service. That would get you to Newmarket Street from where there are plenty options. Hope this helps (and that the info is correct!)
  3. Is it a coincidence that the ref in the picture is from the Falkirk area?
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