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  1. Daily Record reporting we are on the verge of signing Ewan Otoo on a permanent 3 year deal. Liked him in the second half of the season. Plenty potential and good enough for the step up imo.
  2. It’s the hoodie for me. Not good. I like the black with yellow, though.
  3. Confused as to what just went on there. Is a sexy winger inbound or not? The people huv tae know!
  4. Mochrie/Fisher meaning I couldn’t decide which would be my 5th. Would be one or the other. For the sake of you, I’ll say Fisher.
  5. If we’re naming a top 5 for the season so far I’d go for: Benedictus, Edwards, Todd, Chalmers and Mochrie/Fisher.
  6. Looked comfortable enough. Obviously still very young and a lot to learn. He is composed on the ball and I’m sure will make it into the first team as time passes. I imagine he’ll develop in sporadic first team minutes and youth level football for a couple years and then head out on loan.
  7. Agreed. It’s a win-win for us really. He either stays with us next season and we get the benefit of him in the team, or he signs this deal to allow us chance of a decent fee this summer.
  8. New deal until 2024 for Josh Edwards seemingly on the cards according to Scott Burns of the Daily Record.
  9. Finlay Robertson is not signing. The reference to him was just a mention given to young players he’s given debuts to etc. The thing about full backs - that was in reply to what his system is providing on the park. Mentioned how Josh Edwards is allowed to bomb up the wing whilst Comrie sits back to do more defensive work. There was a deal in place late last week for a player to come on loan but it didn’t go through then. The deal is apparently still there to be had though. This was when the reference to McMullan came in as McPake said this loan signing could “give McMullan a good race”. McPake is confident the squad will be bulked up by the end of the window and said the board have backed every player he’s gone to them with, just some haven’t managed to get over the line.
  10. The tickets are on sale here: https://dafc.co.uk/awaytickets/
  11. Thought the RB (Ethen Vaughan) looked quite handy. Get the feeling that he won’t be offered anything thought. I think we’ll probably look to prioritise the centre of the park first.
  12. Don’t rate Kennedy anymore. I did before he joined us, but he’s been absolutely bang average since his brief spell in Inverness for a few teams now. In other news, Daniel MacKay looks likely to join Raith on loan. Definitely missed out on him due to being in League One. He was only ever going to play Championship this year.
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