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  1. Based on his performances for Partick Thistle, had he still been at United I'm not convinced he would have got too many games for us this season had he stayed. Still a shiter we got no money for him as we fucked it up, mind.
  2. The second goal, in particular, was borderline sexual
  3. 30 years. Bloody hell. I am so old What a fucking day that was though
  4. Based on nothing other than gut feeling, I feel Raith Rovers are less likely to beat Ross County than they would have been to beat St Johnstone. Oh well. We'll see
  5. Far be it for me to stick up for Dundee, but so what? They can't be held responsible for the failings of others.
  6. Maldonado was better than that on pure pace, he was GP2 champion back in the day so he wasn't entirely useless. His problem was that he had sawdust for brains.
  7. It was probably always going to happen, but very glad that it has.
  8. With VAR, you are never ever going to get away with a tackle like that. Even if the ref misses it in real time, the VAR will get you.
  9. Whatever the outcome, this has been appalling game management from Celtic. Just brainless
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