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  1. What would you have done differently? Granted the last couple of years were notable by his absence, but I'm not sure what else he could have done before that. His 'bulletproof' interview was a disaster, but otherwise I think did a pretty good job. I'm not certain he ever wanted the job in the first place, but he took it on regardless. That in itself is worthy of praise. I'm certainly not his biggest fan, as he has definitely made big mistakes. Having said that, I don't think he deserves that the last few years paint the picture for his tenure as a whole
  2. I've no idea what was actually said, but I'm definitely going to have a strong opinion on it anyway.
  3. There's a valid argument that can we afford to pay Davidson out for 18 months of contract. Equally though, can we afford paying for more ostensibly decent signings only to be played out of position? Carry on like this and I fear we are facing Partick style double relegation. Either McInes or Wright would get far more out of this group of players, of that I'm certain
  4. English jobbers who not that long ago signed Adam Rooney from Aberdeen by offering over four times his salary. I agree, it's quite a conundrum
  5. There was a game at Tynecastle when McInnes was manager where we made two subs at or around the 30min mark as we were playing so badly. Obviously you can chalk that up as poor team choice, but at least he reacted. I just can't ever imagine Callum doing that.
  6. Nothing less or more than we deserve. Great start to go two up, which is unique then completely f**k it up, which is sadly all in character. Fucking hell
  7. This game is how it should have been against Kelty. I like ICT but they're making a pish team look decent. Long term this could be a worry. The likes of Callum will perceive this as tactical nous. The rest will see us doing well against a depleted ICT.
  8. Not sure what's worse, cheering against your team or the saccharine pish that is 'i live for fairytales'. Wanting rid of a perpetually ineffectual manager fine, but don't dress it up as anything more than that.
  9. Name three. I'd love him to turn it around but his dogged insistence on sticking with a clearly unsuitable strategy is indefensible.
  10. That was a performance of a team that are doomed. Even before the red card we seemed to be playing like we had ten men, but when Bryson went out seemed like we had eight. I could understand a backs to the wall situation if playing a really good team but, although better than us, Hibs are not that good. Forget the strikers, our main issue is the lack of creativity and service to those up front. Until we find an answer to that, our procession ineffectual forwards will grow ever longer.
  11. We had two actual shots on goal. Eetu had a good turn and shot, which is was the only real, self made chance we had in the second half. I think you're being pretty harsh as I think his only crime was trying too hard. I feel we played well, rode our luck and eventually were punished. The only player I thought was really poor was Crawford.
  12. I'm all for the optimism that Eetu will be brilliant, but to suggest he plays in place of two players is a hope too far
  13. Utd looked as good with 10 as they did with 11, which is a sad indictment of our performance. Hendry is awful, the only positive I can come up with is that I noticed him being on the pitch. May on the other hand was invisible, so you could argue was even more useless. If this is how we're going to play between European games, then the possible £3m boon will be mainly be useful to balance the books in the championship next season.
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