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  1. You won't be at the sold out derby on Tuesday, eh c**t. Because you are NOT HIbs. Who are ya c**t?
  2. I'm good dude. Sparring, but not one shot landed by a c**t despite his 100;s of dislikes from his socks over two nights. Wee c**t is just outing more of his socks All good.
  3. McFarlane you are claimed you c**t. Taking the piss out St MIrren also. Hope all you buddies note this c**t is an impostor.
  4. Are you another of his accounts? On my suspect list. My old man is Dundee btw. Maybe more a Dundee fan than you if you love a troll taking the piss.
  5. I am not raging at all, I am perplexed/bemused by c***s like you not calling out a total c**t who's been at it here for way too long, Just look at what he's up to with each post I am making here today with his sock dislikes. If I'm the only c**t prepared to call him out and wake up the sleeping b*****d admins on here then so be it.
  6. I'm not bothered If they ban me and keep this p***k and all his sock accounts. I've flagged them up for you all so you know this POS is a serious troll here.
  7. How is it paranoia? He has multiple exposed accounts just from today. LiviLIons being a beauty, even changed his pic to the same as Marshmallo and Crawford Bridge when I exposed him. Fucker is a massive troll here and needed called out. I don't think he has an Aberdeen sock so you're safe in that regard. His Buddie06 sock is going into overdrive with dislikes on me right now. Why the f**k would a genuine St Mirren fan I have no beef with be interested in hitting me with 50 dislikes in an hour.
  8. Get to f**k you c**t. I am claiming this McFarlane (per Falkirk fans) c**t for the good of this site. You should be too if you care about it having any worth or integrity.
  9. c**t, you might have 20 accounts here but you are jus the one wee c**t and getting your c**t cleaned at Easter Road. Look out for that PM c**t. I am going to be in the perfect mood to put in you in the fucking ground. lol.  

  10. McFarlane, you socked up this account a beauty. Chapeau you wee c**t. 

  11. Buddie06smfc another his sock accounts. This wee c**t is insane lol.
  12. You are rumbled you weird c**t, you and your drawer full of socks.
  13. Bairnado and Falkirk187 are also McFarlane/Bridge socks. Likes to impersonate Falkirk and Hibs fans the psycho runt.
  14. He's back on as LIviLion, probably has a few phones going at once. Admin asleep to this c**t.
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