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  1. Has to be Holt. It would be devastating to lose him but he’s way too good to be languishing at a club like Falkirk.
  2. Weekend pass with these guys will get you Premier Sports... http://hwiptv.co.uk ETA: £5
  3. Been watching these great highlights that FTV have uploaded and I must say that Tony Parks looks like an absolute bombscare! Nothing like the heroic and flamboyant keeper 11 year old me recalls!
  4. We should tell them where to ram their shitty payment. Absolutely fucking scandalous allocation.
  5. An interesting read... http://nareystoepoker.blogspot.com/2020/03/how-coronavirus-could-affect-scottish.html
  6. Because that strategy worked so well for us last season...
  7. I’d fucking rather have Danny De Vito than that sack of shit.
  8. Goosebumps. Nothing will ever beat Brockville on a day like that. [emoji22]
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