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  1. Not Yeats that’s out. Was told last night that he’s fine and trained all week.
  2. Was told last night yeats is fine and had trained all week.
  3. It’s FSS but the guys do it on the podcast.
  4. Just picking up on a small part (apologies if I’ve misread - I was just scanning) - you do get the chance to win prizes with the fss. The draw is done on Falkirk daft.
  5. We chased the old msg. If memory serves me correctly we were all asked after the kenny Rodger’s tribute act tried to buy us, our opinion on fan ownership and it was overwhelmingly in favour of. I don’t know about lang and Spencer - but cal and Leon (whose contracts expire at the end of the season) will be able to sign pre contracts in jan.
  6. Our club is in a financial pit just now. We don’t have a sugar daddy paying bills or writing off debts and there’s not one waiting in the wings. The fault does not lie with the fans - our failure on and off the pitch in previous seasons has taken its toll. The new board are trying to clean this mess up. We are fan owned which means fan funded. We need this to grow to ensure it is sustainable - if we go up clearly the financial picture is better. The ask is of those who can afford it - By no means should anyone who cannot afford it feel obligated to sign up to anything. There is also a prize draw with FSS and a chance to have your say.
  7. Fair result. Thought we were the better side first half, lang unlucky not to give us a lead. Second half, I thought Hamilton were the better side. Both sides had a fair few underperformers. Neither side carried a goal threat. Possibly the occasion and weather having an effect on both teams. Don’t think we learned all that much from this game tbh. Both teams were below their best. Don’t buy this, it’s a better point for accies or that they’ll go home happier. Just look at our first meeting the fifers last season - we didn’t leave eep happier and it wasn’t a better point for us.
  8. Eta: I do agree we caught you on a day where you were done in after the Aberdeen game. Ran out of ideas at 3-0 up? Hardly. Game was dead at HT. Took our foot off the gas with one eye on the Alloa game 5 days later.
  9. New goalkeeping coach on his way apparently. Boy from Bonnyrigg - Alex Cannon.
  10. Also minimum order quantities were quite high from puma - O’Neills are better in this area as well.
  11. I would’ve made an enquiry about dowds on loan - can hold the ball up, win headers and good for a good few goals. Doesn’t seem to be getting as much game time these days.
  12. Your fans have made a f*cking twitter page using his name and posting disgusting stuff. and aye yous do sing about him. you Choose not to hear it.
  13. That’s it. It opinions as you say. Especially as we haven’t seen the boy in a Falkirk shirt yet. I genuinely hope he does well.
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