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  1. Hate crimes What happened to "no one likes us we don't care"? It would be a crime not to hate the knuckle dragging bigot scum.
  2. The Blue half try so hard to take the moral High ground by highlighting but really taking great pleasure in historical child abuse only to make a complete and utter spectacle of themselves in the ground, outside the ground and online.. "THIS IS THE OLD FIRM" has to be up there with one of the most tinpot and embarrassing things they have done in recent times.. and there's strong competition. Utter embarrassment of a club/company
  3. Offffft... is that the Gorgie pavement dancing team? Strong contenders, should give the English outfits a run for their money with this number. And that chant... peak Jambons
  4. The worst decision of the match went for them.. Dons pen, Shagger red and they score directly after it.. What a bunch of absolute clowns.. Biggest cry babies in world football.. embarrassing
  5. Someone like you wouldn't understand not being able to watch your team live in the stadium..
  6. The clubs will vote on it and sky will do absolutely f**k all about it.. deal with it
  7. I thoight you were one of the reasonable zombies.. sorry I was mistaken
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