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  1. Also great debut from Dylan Tait he was absolute class with his energy passing and movement.Another great signing ?
  2. For me the pedestrian pace we played at causes our problems first half -in particular we missed McCann and Yeats energy down the flanks. In addition I’ve never seen Allan do anything to justify signing him .Shanley looks to offer a lot more up top and should now cement his role to be back up striker. john McGlynns believe that his bench could all play championship football looks ludicrous now given they were out fought by a bunch of kids!
  3. Still good enough to spot taggart playing with his faithers pit black boots wtf is that all about
  4. Yeah the keeper is destined for a top career he gets more confident each week . I have to admit I was wrong about young Finn at right back . He also seems to get better with each game and is turning into a real asset. long May this form continue . Can we begin to dream of an ‘invincible ‘ season ?
  5. Most jobs especially sporting roles carry a risk . There needs to be lots of education about the risks but ultimately the participant can choose not to .
  6. I’m glad we didn’t have any injuries. On reflection we could have beaten this mob with the young team and a few bench warmers. Don’t think Our keeper had a save to make.Truth is Ayr are not and never have been a bigger club than us . I really don’t believe there’s any difference between league 1 & most of the championship
  7. Sorry I don’t get the Allan is fine bit at all . Tonight he was our worst player. He suits a team who sit in & play on the break but for us he’s been v poor in almost every game he’s played.Yes he snatched a late goal at Cove but I’m sorry I just don’t see that he offers much !
  8. Sorry Walker won’t play today. Not good enough or strong enough to start .The manager will only bring him on if we are 2 or 3 up. I would like to see him get 20 mins so we can judge better but I suspect he’s not ready yet.
  9. 3 or 4 up front at times in the first half - great play and point made I think !!
  10. We want the midfield & fullbacks up the pitch whenever possible - once we start worrying about counterattacks from league 1 part timers then we’d be better off playing to avoid relegation. This league is full of shit that we should be able to blow away. So let’s have all out attack , goals and goalmouth action I’d rather play 3 up front than persist with 1.
  11. Henderson is too weak at centre back as he demonstrated at the beginning of last season when he got ragged dolled most weeks .Much more suited to midfield. McKay is not great but is basically just cover behind lang , Donaldson & Mackie. Let’s pray that Donaldson is not out for long
  12. Yes their keeper was terrible with the ball at his feet. Great second half today. I am due an apology to Finn Yates as I thought he was excellent For the record so was Donaldson I think lang being beside him helps him immensely. Let’s keep it up & stuff that wee shite next week!
  13. Pack in the drama guys nobody wants to read that shit on here !
  14. I’ve been away from this forum over the close season my gut feeling from the few games I’ve seen is we are about the same as last year and it’s 50/50 whether we will go up or not.( depends on how shit the completion are ) The one thing that surprises me not only the absence of a right back but the plaudits given to Finn as a stand in . I get it that he’s still young but IMO he’s not yet good enough to play first team football & certainly not at RB . We need to dip into the loan market soon and get someone with an engine who can beat a man and put in a cross.
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