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  1. And as for tonight, we need to capitalise on Friday and win again. Draw isn’t enough to really give us momentum sorely needed.
  2. Lewis McCann is a complete confidence player. If he was to believe more in himself and not take criticism so to heart, he’d be twice the player. Over the last few seasons either injury or shit management have knocked him sideways. Without the injuries to others this season, very likely he’d be on the left of a front three and doing very well with other stronger players round him. Stick him up front on his own isolated and he’ll struggle, see majority of the games under Hughes for proof of that. I feel sorry for him because I suspect (like others) to get the best for him he needs a move. Fresh start. When younger the club should have loaned him out but seemed to hold him back from that. That lack of experience elsewhere has hurt his career in my opinion. There’s a very good player in there.
  3. McCann on the left pls, that’s where I think he can do his best work. Cutting in onto his right, and having a go.
  4. Don’t care how badly they played, they beat you. Winning games is something we need to do regardless of how we play.
  5. lol apology accepted, I wasn’t being serious at first obv so I was like wtf. anyways, Ashcroft - Booo Raith Rovers - boooooo Our board …
  6. Don’t forget the promotion bonus he got for last season. Another ivory backscratcher.
  7. Would have signed by now if we weren’t paying our CEO £6k a week.
  8. How would that work if he’s coming on loan and the clubs have agreed?
  9. Nah you didn’t. It’s your carefree joyous side coming out of you at last, freeing itself of its miserable carcass. Embrace it!
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