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  1. Think the loan player(s) coming in depended on the parent club getting players in before the loans were released. Darren said something about a domino situation. I took that to mean the loan(s) were agreed, but could fall through if circumstances worked against us. Putting 2 & 2 together, I wonder if the players coming in on trial might be in case the loans fall through.
  2. Yeah, noisiest b*****ds in the world. We know you're there, we can fucking see you, ya big worthless tossers.
  3. Into the final now. They seem to have generally got to about the quarter final or last 16 stage in the bigger tournaments this year, so good to see them getting further this time.
  4. We really were crap in the league last season right enough. Only won it by a few points.
  5. I would like to see some cover for Cammy Clark again. Can't see we've got anyone decent if he gets injured/suspended.
  6. I remember it from his post match interview with SATV after the last game. Am sure he said the players had 6 weeks before they were back at it on 15th June.
  7. Pretty sure the manager said 15th June for pre season.
  8. Moore, Dunsmore and Law signed for next season according to the Observer. Gives us a squad of 17 at the moment. Would imagine we'll be looking to add another 3 or 4 including loans.
  9. Hope you're right WC. Would be sorry to see a young goalie at the start of his career being released.
  10. Haven't read about Moore, Dunsmore, Callum Law or Will Greenhorn, but their existing contracts may cover them for next season. Callum Law maybe going to be released now Weir has signed?
  11. Succinctly put WC. The 5 games in 2 weeks is tricky for us, so pleased to have won the first 2. Blood and snotters needed to get us over the finishing line. This group of players seems to have a shitload of both.
  12. As it stands we need 11 points to be certain of winning the title. That assumes Dumbarton win all their games and overcome an 18 goal deficit. Realistically, I think 6 points would probably do us. Sons would need to win 5 of their remaining games to pip us. As WC says though, one game at a time. Won't relax until it's (hopefully) done and dusted.
  13. Raining constantly today and forecast is for more of the same. Would hate for us to have to fit in another postponed match into our schedule, but has to be a major doubt about this going ahead.
  14. This. Was a bit concerned Sons might pull away from us over this run of games. Think we did alright though, got 1 win and 3 draws out of the 4games after being fairly idle through postponements. I think Tuesday is a big game for you. Good teams go through relatively bad spells, with a terrible result (like yours yesterday) either leading to a recovery in form in the next game, or a continuation of poor form. Win the game and you're 5 points ahead. I know whose shoes I'd rather be in if that happens.
  15. Very good post. What makes it even more enjoyable(?) in a way is neither team is blowing the opposition away. Seems to be victories by 1 goal most weeks, which says a lot about the character of both teams, but gives hope to both that the other team will falter. Come the end of the season, I hope both teams manage to get promoted.
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