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  1. It's funny as I agree, don't think we've had anyone miles ahead of anyone. I think Morrison will probably get it due to output, but my vote would be Miller or Lang.
  2. I Thought Ross was very good and showed what he can do when given a start. Think he is worth keeping next season if not a ridiculous wage. Also thought Tait was very good when he came on, some lovely touches and passes. To be fair everyone was on it tonight.
  3. Disagree, need Hendersons physicality in the middle. Tait of the bench is more of an impact atm.
  4. Sat in it a few times for the post covid games just for something different
  5. The Pars are proper pish and being found out, wouldn't surprise me if they are in the playoffs.
  6. Will be interesting to see what happens at the RB with the young boy being signed. Starting striker (to a lesser extent) and GK are a must. I know Ross hasn't set the world alight, but I would keep him for next season. Not his fault he's not had a run of games with Miller/Morrison being in the form that they are.
  7. Good to see the Ultra chat is still going on, 3 days later..
  8. I think the team as it is, is good enough for the Championship top half if we get promoted. However, there are defo a few positions we will have to bolster. GK, RB, and ST are the main ones for me. With two of these being starters.
  9. Any excuse to watch these clips when they pop up
  10. Stokes was lethal. What a 6 months that was.
  11. Captain Coll to the Carlton Cole song.. get it going ultras.
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