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  1. I am struggling to get any enthusiasm for this game. The disgrace of Friday and zero attempts at goal, not even on target, leaves me empty. If Clarke does not start Gilmore, and admit he got it wrong on Friday then god help us. I can see an easy 2-0 defeat today and us beating Hungary 3-0 in the last game when it doesn't matter. Hopefully I'll be more up for it by 8.
  2. Dunno if this has been posted but ICT look fecked! https://www.facebook.com/share/deS2zQLNU6foQVEC/
  3. So so glad we don't have to travel to the ICT stadium for the next year at least. I'm sure Big Dunc is on a 2 year deal and will love to stay on!!!! Get Doon!
  4. Please fire this bloody season in the sea. Well done lads, Broony et al.
  5. After the trauma of last year's play off, I'll settle for a safe 5th.
  6. Well I didn't see the start to the second half coming. Welcome, but unusual!!
  7. To be honest, I think Brown is trying to see who can actually play football and who needs binned. We have the 'advantage' of seeing everyone all season. Brown has not and needs to see who can play and where, hence the odd team selections. I agree it's hardly ideal with so few games left, but hopefully the experimenting is over and we can get a bit of a settled side.
  8. I am thrilled to see the team play with a bit of heart. I thought we were doomed when it went to 3-3, but fair fecks to the boys, to come back and win was extremely pleasing. Almost exorcises the play off games. Almost.......
  9. I still cannot believe we binned Burley and got that arsehole Stainsheets. Fucking clown of a manager, his league of nations shite should have said how poor we were. His classic that all the top teams will be taking points off each other, no one will notice Ayr coming through the pack. Clown deserves shot for the fedora pish. Not a fan!!!
  10. To be honest I am still annoyed that no Ayr player booted Kanchelskis into next week for that p***k move.
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