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  1. Well, if the referendum does go ahead then it’d be an important tool for those wishing a split.
  2. You're absolutely right regarding Salmond IMO, especially about him being neutered and the nature of it. Sturgeon beats him for broad appeal, because she has fraudulently ingratiated her self with so many identity groups, but in terms of competency there is no contest. The livestream I watched today showed a committed group of activists fighting for what they believe in, which I respect, however I couldn't help but think that Salmond deserved so much more.
  3. I see the 'Wee Alba Book Tour' is now underway, with a livestream from Skye and Lochalsh not having long finished. As a Unionist, the 'Wee Blue Book' by Stu Campbell scared me a bit. I didn't agree with what was in it, but there's no doubt that it converted a lot of people. I remember a friend of mine telling me something along the lines of 'I just don't see anything like this from the No side', which was true. The No campaign was awful. The WBB was everywhere! You couldn't get away from it on social media, and I remember seeing it being handed out by shopkeepers. Anyway, I watched some of the Skye event, and it does seem rather low key. Salmond spoke well as usual though. I wonder if they'll manage to promote the Alba Book as well as the Blue Book. I don't sense the same enthusiasm amongst the populace, but time will tell. I take it this one has once again been authored by the Rev Stu Campbell?
  4. Thanks for the link mate, but it still seems an awful lot of effort.
  5. I have been having the same problem with the wife for years! Seriously though, I hope it all goes well with your parents. The government need to get the finger out and pronto.
  6. I can only speak for myself, but there's certainly no seething at my end. I see great value in keeping old languages/dialects such as Gaelic and Scots alive in places they've been historically spoken. My mum's side of the family spoke Gaelic and I sometimes feel guilty that I've never made an effort to learn it!
  7. I've not bitched about people having me on ignore, nor have I threatened to report anyone. I've specifically stated that I don't report people, and urge those who don't want to read my posts to put me on ignore. It's best for everyone concerned. Following Tynie's statement, which has been ignored by many, I'm going out my way to play with a straight bat. I just wish others would do the same. Nice attempt to create drama by luring me here with a tag though.
  8. You know fine well it’s not. Our opinions just stand out because of the board’s demographic.
  9. Your passport clearly states 'British Citizen'.
  10. Sorry to say, lads, but you’re still incorrect. It’s sad to see you resort to tales of Roman times - we’ve moved on since then. The people of Northern Ireland are British, obvious by the fact that they are British citizens, and NI is, therefore, part of Britain.
  11. With him being such a lovely, joyous chap, I suspect he’s out doing good deeds in his local community. I miss him. He always boosted my confidence and put me in good spirits.
  12. All that does is back up my point. It certainly doesn’t indicate that the UK isn’t the same as Britain, which is the premise of your argument. 'Great Britain & Northern Ireland' being on the passport indicates a difference between GB and NI, which the diagram confirms, but Great Britain is not the same as Britain. Not saying this to wind you up btw, but you should look at Div’s sticky and Tynie’s update.
  13. You’ve mistaken Great Britain for Britain.
  14. Going by that logic, Ayrshire is also part of Ulster? Maybe in the case of Drongan
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