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  1. There are so many other community benefits for our current artificial pitch, that’ll be ripped away when we need to replace for a grass surface. Does anyone know how much revenue we generate with pitch leases / ground sharing with the shire? Surely this will have a negative impact to our model going forward.
  2. Folk like that need called out. Like that guy up the back of the South Stand who berates McGlynn at any opportunity
  3. I just listened to the Falkirk FC podcast with Jamie, Kenny & Tom. There was mention that the budget will probably allow for a squad of 20 to begin, with scope to increase to 21 / 22 in the January window. I suppose that’s just a ball park figure and it’s all dependant on season ticket sales etc.
  4. Looking forward to launching myself head first over the barrier tomorrow
  5. It’s these types of games that you hear the weirdest shouts, absolute bed wetters
  6. No qualms with Nizzy for MOTM. I’d love to see his distance covered today
  7. I’ve never been more than happy to fork out the cash since our majority take over
  8. You never know regarding Yeats; there’s plenty of time for him to sign an extension
  9. We need to get this print re-incarnated, that’s amazing patter
  10. There’s a size calculator on the Greaves website where you can input your chest & waist size, and that recommends a size? But if in doubt, just order 2 Sizes and return one
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