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  1. Earliest this can be done is at Forthbank on the 9th. Would require an Accies collapse; losing at Stirling & Kelty (possible), then at home to Edinburgh (unlikely). That would leave them maxing out on 72 & 3 straight wins would put Falkirk on 74. Still looks more likely to be Dumfries or at Home to EC.
  2. 6 games ahead, with 11 to play. Accies can only achieve 81 max. The Bairns are 6 wins from passing that & I can’t see Accies winning them all. It could be finished at Dumfries on the 16th, or at Home to Edinburgh on the 23rd.
  3. I was a bit happier when they took Rose off, as he was by far their best player. Thanks Agent John.
  4. I see Taylor/Catterall 2 has been announced for the absolutely nothing at stake belt.
  5. Made an easy job look hard. Levels above Accies in the 1st half then fell out the game. Ended up hanging on, but managed to see a game out they would have lost these past few years. Officiating was appalling, giving advantage then not pull play back for fouls when play fizzles out; until it benefits Accies. They in turn were getting away with murder, bunch of cluggers!
  6. Keeper made the save, but the defender left it for him to grab; though he was prostrate on the ground. MacIver nipped in & poked the ball into the net. Why the Accies player didn’t clear was beyond me. A faux pas we’re normally used to seeing at our end the past few years.
  7. Good to see Cav off the mark in Colombia, beating Gaveria in a sprint. Then showing his class on a hilly stage with interaction wi the fans, Just look at the reaction of the guy! https://x.com/lucasaganronald/status/1755673334782599560?s=20
  8. “Could” be finished weeks earlier. Forgot about the Mo game, so these next two games “might” just see the finishing line suddenly come into sight.
  9. Next week is mahoosive! Gap is 8(+GD=9). Win & effectively becomes 12 with a game in hand, lose & that’s reduced to 5 & that’s “points on the board” with a trip to Cove to negotiate. #pivotal
  10. Today’s NDP attendance was 759. Just where you think they’d magic 1200 extras from is beyond me. Can’t honestly think of a time when Accies have ever had that sort of following.
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